Monday, July 25, 2016

weeeklayy reporrrrt July 25th, 2016


I am happy to say that the BART team has been reactivated and that we have already eaten two pizzas together (attempted 3 times but the pizzeria was closed)

haha! But besides the pizza, (as usual, sorry i get a little excited about the pizza) it was an awesome first week of the transfer. It was a pretty mellow week and I was able to feel the spirit a lot this week. I have been thinking about the importance of love in missionary work and in everything that we do this week. In the Epistle to the Corinthians that Paul wrote, he talks a little bit about this. He talks about the importance of us having love in things we do. Its not important if we have the best talents, knowledge, or even able to move mountains, If we don't have love, it is of no worth. This week and recently I have truly been able to feel Heavenly Fathers love for me, and it such an incredible feeling. I know that he has an absolutely perfect love for each and every one of us. And that is why he is perfect in all things. Everything that he did and does for us is out of love. Its crazy how Heavenly Father helps us to feel this love for others also, I love these Brazilians so much, they are such grateful and humble people. I love you guys also and hope you all have an awesome week! 

Elder Barton

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. )(1 corinthians 13:2)

Monday, July 18, 2016



Got some newssssss for y'all this week! My good ol friend Elder Ramirez has finished his mission and I dropped him off at the mission office this morning!!!! hes heading out tomorrow morning at 1:30 am!! gonna miss thi s lil "peruano louco" I will be staying here in Rio Pequeno and my new companion will be ELDER BARTLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha thats right, AGAIN!!! haha I'm super stoked!! hes a boss and it will be sweet to be his comp again!! We also got a few other areas added to our zone including JARDIM CONCEIÇÃO!!!! My first area!!!! I am soo stokedddd cause I will be able to do exchanges there again and visit everyone!!!!!! 

As far as the week goes, everything was super awesome!!! We had a little miracle happen this week with a few members Analita and Marivaldo which was super awesome!!! They have been members for like 15 years now, and went inactive for quite some time. A few months back when Ramirez got in the area, he was able to reactivate them and baptize the other members of the family that weren't members. It turns our that when Analita and Marivaldo were baptized, their baptismal record was lost and there is no record to testify that they where actually baptized!!! Our bishop called the stake president, we talked to the bishop from that time when they where baptized, bishop called Salt Lake City and NOTHING!!! So the only way was to baptize them again!  We called president Thomas and he said "LETS MOVE FORWARD!" haha so we pulled the trigger and got em all prepared and interviewed and were baptized last night!! It was super cool for Elder Ramirez because he really loves that family and he got to baptize them both!! It was a super cool experience and it was truly a miracle! Not sure how the record was lost, but I know that it all happens for a reason! 
Also ran into a recent convert at the temple this week who I helped teach a few times in my second area Granja Viana, and he was buying garments preparing to be sealed with his wife and family!!! Sooooo cool!!!! His name is Ricardo and is a Japanese guy that was super hard and didn't want anything with the church but was baptized by the other elders! It was soo good seeing them and that they were sealed!! So awesome! this is the best work in the world. Excited for a new week, with my man. Bartling!! LOVE YA GUYS SO MUCH AND HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!!!

Elder Barton 

Photos from LAST WEEK!  

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11th, 2016

We received a few photos this week... 

We had a little "get to know president" meeting this week which was super awesome!!! He's sucha STUD!! 

Handy Man Elder Barton

Friday, July 8, 2016

4th of JULY- Pics 2016

Quick Email :)
We had mission counsel with our new Mission President and Sister Thomas on Wednesday and it was soo awesome! He's such a humble, and awesome guy! its still a lil weird without ol' DG but the transition was awesome!  It is cool to feel that heavenly father knows everything and it just always works out! haha They got super excited when i told them I'm from CALI! They are from Fresno and you would love sister Thomas haha she's a Hawaiian and is a super nice lady!

HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE AN AWESOME 4TH OF JULY!!!!! I'M GONNA TRY TO DO SOMETHING AMERICAN TODAY DEFINITELY!!! were gonna head to McDonald's after this to celebrate!!! :)
PS (His message to his cousin who just returned from his mission this week.... ) send chan a lil squeeze for me and tell him he's a chicken chimi!!! 
Elder Barton
                                                                           Saying goodbye... Sister DEL GUERSO

Surprise... pizza! 


poor chicken...

Saying goodbye to President DEL GUERSO...

Meeting his new Mission President and Sister Thomas

4th of July P-Day

Helping in the Kitchen...



Helping at the Pool...

4th of July Burgers