Friday, July 8, 2016

4th of JULY- Pics 2016

Quick Email :)
We had mission counsel with our new Mission President and Sister Thomas on Wednesday and it was soo awesome! He's such a humble, and awesome guy! its still a lil weird without ol' DG but the transition was awesome!  It is cool to feel that heavenly father knows everything and it just always works out! haha They got super excited when i told them I'm from CALI! They are from Fresno and you would love sister Thomas haha she's a Hawaiian and is a super nice lady!

HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE AN AWESOME 4TH OF JULY!!!!! I'M GONNA TRY TO DO SOMETHING AMERICAN TODAY DEFINITELY!!! were gonna head to McDonald's after this to celebrate!!! :)
PS (His message to his cousin who just returned from his mission this week.... ) send chan a lil squeeze for me and tell him he's a chicken chimi!!! 
Elder Barton
                                                                           Saying goodbye... Sister DEL GUERSO

Surprise... pizza! 


poor chicken...

Saying goodbye to President DEL GUERSO...

Meeting his new Mission President and Sister Thomas

4th of July P-Day

Helping in the Kitchen...



Helping at the Pool...

4th of July Burgers

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