Monday, June 27, 2016


e aí peeps beleza pura??!! (that literally means pure beauty haha but everyone says it like "what's up" here)

Is everybody doing good out there in MURICA??!

Este "peruano louco" and I had an awesome week this week! We were super blessed to have everything work out well with Etefans (easier than estevão haha) baptism which was a super incredible experience!!! A member named Gleidilson haha who is an awesome guy that looks like he could be a rapper with dreads baptized him! He became really good friends with estevão and helped us out a lot to teach him and help fellowship him in the ward so it was way cool!!! haha this guy is such an awesome member, he's so funny and there's another guy in the ward who looks just like him haha!!! the ward is full of these guys with dreads and it's awesome haha! Estevão was so happy, and it was really cool to see how he truly changed.

I think I totally forgot to talk about someone also these last couple weeks, o grande GABRIEL!!!! Gabriel is a lil youngster that's 9 years old and we have been teaching. His mom is a less active member of the church and is grandma is an active member that takes him to church every sunday. He was supposed to be baptized when he turned 8, but due to bunch of health problems that he had, he wasn't able to be baptized until now... His mom was really worried and wanted to wait a little bit, a bunch of missionires tried to talk her into it and the bishop and primary president, but he never got baptized. We visited him on my first week here and got to know them a little better and talked about his baptism and it was a miracle that she said YES! He was also baptized yesterday and it was way cool cause his mom - Diana, and grandma  -Maria de Lourdes both bore thier testimonies and talked about his story and everything and how he always had health problems and that its a miracle that hes alive and was baptized and everything it was way cool! They both were super happy with the baptismal service and It was truly an awesome day! Heavenly Father blessed us so much with these two people and it was incredible. Gosh, I truly do just love this work. I know that it is HIS work and he is in command! I am so grateful, and just love my mission so much.

Thanks guys so much for your love and support! 


Elder Barton


Hello my frIends!!! Don't have much time today, but wanted to send out a quick report!! 

WANTED TO START OFF GIVING A HUGGGGEEEE SHOUT OUT TO MY BIG MAN CHUCK FOR BEING THE BEST DAD/WINGMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! Hope you had an awesome day dad and hope you know how much I love ya! You are da MAN!

This week was a super awesome week. The highlight was probably when I had the opportunity to do a two day exhange with the AP Elder Dhonal myyyy man!! Haha this kid is such an awesome missionary... HE WAS MY GREETER IN THE PROVO MTC (the guy that takes your suitcase and take you to your room and everything) haha and we had the chance to do an exchange with them this week! I stayed in the area with elder Dhonal (got lost a few times) and Elder Ramirez went to morumbi with elder cabral (the other AP and my former COMPANION!) 

I truly learned a lot with this guy. I wanted to just share a quick experience that we had. Last week I talked about Estevão, that new investigator that we have who is super awesome. This week he contintued progressing so well. We taught him the word of wisdom and law of chastity and he had problems with the two. But when we taught him, we just saw in his eyes the desire to change, we saw in his eyes that he understood that what he was doing was bad. Immediatley when we commited him to live these commandments he said "YES! I know that everything that you guys teach me is true, so why would it be hard for me to stop??"  This guy is incredible, he has such a strong desire to follow Jesus Christ and change his life. The lesson was so full of the spirit and when elder Dhonal and I left, we just couldnt stop smiling. haha we were seriously so happy, we felt so strongly the love of christ in this moment and that we were in some way doing our job as missionaries. I know we have so much to do to be better, but i just felt happy. I felt that we found a lost sheep of the savior that he guided us to. I cant even express how happy I felt haha, it was incredible. I think the people on the street were probably looking at us like we were crazy because we just walked down the street speechless smiling so big hahaha. I will never forget this experience. I am 100 percent sure that Jesus Christ loves us so much with a love that is perfect and never fails. My main goal is to continue feeling that love and try to help others  feel it.
 47 But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endurethforever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.
 48 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are truefollowers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen.

                    Elder Barton loves his Pizzas... :)  photos of his week....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Reporting from new territories aka SMALL RIVER 6/14/16

What’s up ya’ll!

Coming atttcha livee from the new area RIO PEQUENOOO ABENÇOADO! I am totally loving this new area! Holy cow, our house is A MANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha it’s probably the biggest house in the mission and it’s just Elder Ramirez and I that live there… haha WHAT THE HECK IT’S SO SICK!!!!! were talkin 3 bathrooms, 3 stories, study room, clothes room, and sleeping HEADQUARTERS PLUS MORE! haha so legit! now we just gotta see if there’s good pizza..... we ate one that was okay but we’re gonna BROWSE a lil more this week haha!
But besides the awesome house and hunt for good pizza, everything is awesome here! The members are super cool, there’s a bunch of families that seem super excited to help and are awesome!! Its a smaller ward with about 90 members active and an awesome bishop that everyone loves!I I got to even give a talk in the ward so that was awesome!
We have already been super, super blessed this first week with an awesome investigator that we found named Estevão. Holy cow this guy is awesome! He’s like another Sandra… just super excited to hear our messages and wanting to change his life!! He went to church yesterday and loved it! We also have a few other people that we are teaching but we are needing to find many new people! We know that the Lord is going to bless us! Elder Ramirez is a stud also… haha this kid is super funny! He’s from Peru from a place called Piura and will be finishing up his mission here in 5 weeks. He is a stud and I am stoked to learn with him! I love the area so far and I am super stoked!! I know that Jesus Christ lives and am so grateful to be serving my mission. I am grateful for how the scriptures teach me exactly what I should do as a missionary and as a person so that I am able to be happy and be more like Christ, our perfect example! 

Love ya’ll so much and hope you have an awesome week!!

Elder Barton 

one last photo of the old area...

Meeting up with buddies and Mission President from he CTM
Mission Team Building & a goodbye to President Del Guerso

New Area... 

New Companion...Elder Ramirez
More PIZZA! 

Monday, June 6, 2016


Heloooooooo my Friends!

Wanted to just shoot y'all an update real quick that I WILL BE TRANSFERRED FROM MACEDONIA to another area!!!!! I head out to a new area tomorrow called rio pequeno, or known as THE SMALLLLLLLLL RIVVVVVVVVAAAAAAAAA hahaha! Feel like I'm headed out to the plains of the southern Mississippi! Gonna be sweet!

Big ol Elder Travassos is gonna stay here and dominate!!! I am feeling a big mix of emotions, i have met a ton of incredible people here, but it will be good to learn more and meet more in my next area! My comp will be  Elder Ramirez!! I don't remember exactly where he's from but i know who he is! He seems pretty sick, I am stoked!!!

We had Sandra's baptism on Saturday, and man it was such a spiritual meeting! It was awesome. She is a super shy and so i thought that she would be super nervous but at the meeting she was just feeling so happy and not nervous at all. it was way cool. When she was confirmed on Sunday, she said that she felt like heavenly father was looking at her and she just felt his love so strongly. It was way cool, she even said a prayer and bore her testimony in gospel principles which was awesome because she NEVER DOES THIS! she was always scared to pray with just US! and now she is saying prayers and baring her testimony AT CHURCH! It just built my testimony that the gospel changes lives! 

This gospel is awesome and I know that it has the power to change Anyone's life! I love you guys and am so grateful for ya! Have an awesome week!

Elder Barton                                                        So Long Macedonia!!! 

Irma Sandra

Meeting his new Mission President and Wife

*more pics from pres del guerso farewell!!!!  
the whole mission, i'm in the back left with elder uchtyll!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekly Report 6-1-16


Hows all my Friends doing??! 

This week was awesome, and a little sad.... I am sad to announce that my big man Elder Dos Santos was officially sent off to New York, New York North (stud mission) to start his mission!!!!! :( That was super weird, we kept looking behind us to see were he was the whole day yesterday haha it feels weird to be in two again! I'm gonna miss that kid so much, but its all good cause I know he did what the Lord asked of him here in this area and will go help tons of other people now in New York whom are needing him! We also had a super awesome/sad meeting with the whole mission this morning.... THE FAREWELL OF PRESIDENT AND SISTER DEL GUERSO!!!!!!! Man, was that crazy... They are going to leave in 4 weeks and its super crazy. This Wednesday we had our last Zone Conference with president and then we all went to the temple after which was such a spiritual experience being able to talk them in the Celestial Room and then to have this meeting was awesome! We all sang the mission Hymn to president and Sister Del Guerso and made  videos with our zones to thank them for everything. It was all organized by the assistants and President and Sister Del Guerso didn't even know what was gonna happen at the meeting. We also all sang "Til we meet again" to them and everyone was crying haha and we all formed a line and they gave a hug to each an every missionary it was so so cool! Weird to think that they are leaving, truly am gonna miss them so much, they are such awesome leaders and Friends. 

We got to also do a Skype with President Thomas (our new mission president) and his wife as a mission to get to meet them!!! Haha it was so cool!! They seem like awesome people, and I know that even though it's hard, it'll all work out and that it will be awesome!! So grateful for the friendships i make on my mission and leaders that I have! Everything is going awesome here and I'm as stoked as can be! Irmã Sandra is also doing super well and progressing so much! She just has been getting super sick so its been a little hard for her to get to church! But her testimony is soo strong its incredible! I love this work, and love you guys all soo much!!!!I Thanks soo much for the support!! Have an AWESOME WEEK!!!

Elder Barton                                                    Photo drop from Elder B...