Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Reports!!! 2/23 & 2/29 2016

Elder Barton         2/23/2016

Ola meus amiggoooooss! 
Wanted to start off giving a HUGGGGEEEE SHOUTOUT to my SISTER in law HANNAH BANANNA WHO FIGURED OUT THAT HER LITTLE BABY WILL BE A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Connnnngratsssssss flower pedal youuuu da bomb!

Also another shoutout to myyyyyyy main man JARED CHAPMAN ON THE MISHHHH CALL!!!!!!!! CONGRATS MAN YOU GONNA KILLL ITTTT!!!

Haha but anyways I am still up in dat Macedônia life and loving it!!!

This week was a little tougher, weren't able to have too many KILLER experiences, was one of those weeks that was just a tad bit harder to teach people and stuff but it is still always AWESOME! 

I am liking my new area a lot, the ward is about double the size of my last area so I am trying to get to know all the members the best that I can! Also trying to memorize these roads and new streets! Haha, but I am loving it. There are tons of returned missionaries and youth in our ward so there is a ton of potential for growth I think! I feel that there is a little bit of difficulty with trust in the missionaries maybe because of others who have passed in this area. We are really trying to strengthen our relationship with the members trying to mark FHE like crazy and visiting them during the week so that we can more effectively work with the members here! 

As far as investigators, we are struggling to strengthen our teaching pool a little bit as well but we have some awesome people! There is an awesome member here named Daniel who's 17 years old and was baptized about 5 months ago. He is a STUD!!!! Hes always super stoked to do visits with us and always wants to introduce us to his Friends and stuff to teach them! Haha hes super cool, and we had an awesome experience teaching one of his Friends last night! 

We also had the opportunity to go to the temple today which was so great. I feel so grateful to have a temple in our mission and that we are able to go so frequently! I have more and more respect for the temple every time I go. Every time I go I am able to feel such an incredible spirit and strengthen my testimony. I am so happy to be serving and be feeling Christs love. I love testifying of him on a daily basis. Its the best thing in the world.

Hope you guys have an awesome week!!!

Elder Barton

ALO Peeps!       2/29/2016

This weeks email will be short and SWEET......

This week Elder Bartling and I truly saw some miracles and were truly blessed.

We are really starting to see some fruits come from the work we have been trying to accomplish with the members of our ward! Like I said we have been visiting the members like crazy and doing FHE to gain the trust back of the members in this ward.

This week, we were already able to see our numbers increase and able to bring a bunch of people to Church! I am loving the people in this ward, they are all super willing to help us and its awesome! Its such an essential part of missionary work to have the members help. If not, it doesn't work out. I really like what President Hinckley said about how every recent convert needs to have a responsibility/calling in the church, be nurtured by the good word of God and have a friend in the gospel that is always be there side to answer a question or help out. That is so true, especially the friend, I have seen that so much and am so grateful to be learning the importance of these things. 

We are working super hard to help a guy named Filipe be baptized on Saturday, his family are members of the Church and always goes, just is scared to be baptized haha. Many missionaries have tried but have never been able to. We had a really neat lesson with him on Sunday after church with the president of the Elders quorum and his dad. It was way cool, and we are going to work and fast like crazy so that he can be baptized! 

I am doing awesome, and excited that we will have a zone conference tomorrow to be able to see everyone and be trained by GRANDE PRESIDENTE DEL GUERSO who is the MAN! I love my mission and love YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU GUYSSSSS! 

haha have an awesome week!

skulls n bones signing out.....

Elder B

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quick weekly update TRANSFERS......... MACEDONIA!!!! 2/12/16

Heyyyy hey hey yalll its elder barton comin atchya from a NEWWW AREA!!!!!!!!

Not gonna lie, it was super weird and hard to leave Baronesa because I truly LOVED that area so much!!! I learned soo much there, and was able to make soo many incredible friends and learn so many things that I know i will use for the rest of my mission! It was way cool in sacrament meeting on Sunday we found out that Elder Guimarães and I would be transferred which isn't very common, and also was big elder frosts last Sunday on the mish so we all went up and bore our testimonies together. haha it was a mess, we are all crying our eyes out haha!!! Only Elder Nicholls stayed and received another comp! It was a super cool experience feeling the spirit in that testimony meeting and saying bye to everyone! it was super tough haha!

We had a super awesome week, and were able to baptize Nice which was such an awesome experience! I knew that despite her waiting a little longer than Maglaly and Hitallo to be baptized that she would have an awesome experience! She changed so much, and truly felt a huge change in her life for the better! I will remember these incredible people forever, and am soo grateful for the opportunity I had to get to know this people! 

I got transferred to an area called Macedonia that is on the completely other side of the mission! Baronesa is in the northern corner of the mission and I got transferred to the southern corner that borders the São Paulo Interlagos mission! Its my second day here, and I'm loving it so far! My companion is another American Elder Bartling! haha YEAH Elder Bartling! Its funny doing contacts and stuff on the street because everyone thinks were crazy and asks if we are brothers hahaha! It seems like a pretty sweet area here and I'm excited to be able to serve here! 

I am so grateful to be a missionary and I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves each and everyone of us. I testify that this is his church and His work. His church is the only true church on the face of the earth that has all of the restored doctrines and ordinances that he taught and left for us. 

Hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Barton

Here are some photos of the past two weeks.... Lots of Baptisms, Saying goodbye to Elder Frost, Elder Guimaraes
and Elder Nicholls AND  the amazing people of Baronesa!  Meeting his new Companion, Elder Bartling and getting to know the new area, Macedonia... oh, yeah and lots of pizzas and yummy food!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Photo Upload 2/2/2016

I get emails with all of Elder Barton's photos a few times a month... Just got all of these!  

Temple Trip last Tuesday 1/26/2016

Skit Night


His good buddy, Elder Frost hit his 2 year mark and is going home...

Elder Barton received a few packages that had peanut butter in them!  He misses Peanut Butter!

Elder Barton LOVES his mission and LOVES Brazil!