Monday, December 7, 2015

WEEKLY REPORT!!!!! 12/7/15

Helllllooo everybody!!!!!! 

Coming atcha live from the Christmas season here in lands of South America!!!!! Its cool to see everyone getting all ready for Christmas haha even seeing the Christmas lights in the favelas!!! These people got the Christmas SPIRIT!!!!

I am starting to get excited for Christmas and to be able to teach others about the true meaning. It is truly such an awesome time to preach the gospel, when the hearts of the people are more receptive and anxious to learn about Christ and who he was. This week we had a Multi zone conference where we received many great trainings from President Del Guerso, Sister Del Guerso, the assistants and many other great missionaries. Everything was focused on our savior and how we can teach others about his life in this Christmas season. I was able to learn so much in this zone conference. Our president taught us a lot about repentance and how we should focus more on repentance as missionaries. First in our own lives, and then to teach others the importance of repentance through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. A lot of people don't even know what it is, or know that they are sinning. As missionaries it is our responsibility to "preach repentance to all nations" and to help these people understand that there is hope, that "a savior was born" for each and every one of us. The church has released two new videos for this Christmas season exactly about this. They are such awesome videos that really bring the spirit and help people to understand the real importance of this Christmas season. 

I am so grateful to know that our Savior Jesus Christ was born and continues to live. I bear my testimony that he truly does live and "without a savior" this world would be an absolute mess with no hope. I want to invite each and every one of you to share these videos with others during this Christmas season to help them feel what we feel as members of the saviors church.
I love you all soooo much and thanks for everything!!

Elder Barton

Thursday, December 3, 2015

NATAL BRANCO!!!!!! 11/30/15

Heeeyyyy there everybody!!! HAPPYYYY THANKSGIVING!!!! 

This week, wasn't able to eat a good ol turkey, watch football, and mash taters but sure was an awesome week!!! We were successfully able to baptize Marcos and Josefa and it was truly so awesome!!! The Lord truly blessed us with these people and I am so grateful!! Marcos is the 10 year old boy that I talked about last week, when we found his mom two weeks ago doing contacts. This kid is such a stud, he has such a strong desire to do what is right and is such a huge example for his family! Elder Iverson my district leader and I went to their house on Friday to do his baptismal interview and had a super cool experience. At the end of the interview Elder Iverson said he asked Marcos why he wants to be baptized and said that Marcos looked right in his eyes and said "because I want to leave this place and have a better life." Elder Iverson said that he got goosebumps and truly felt that this kid has a testimony and is only 10 years old! He is such a stud, and his family is also so awesome. Elder Ferreira and I really want to help this family and help Rosana get baptized as well. She wants it so bad, we just need to work with her a little more because she has some hard stuff going on but is really progressing with stopping smoking! I know that it will all work out and that Heavenly Father will help us! 

Also with Josefa it was such an incredible experience!!! Unfortunately we weren't able to watch her baptism that was in another chapel hahaha because to make a long story short Elder Ferreira and I got a little lost taking the wrong bus and we didn't get there on time. I was super bummed, but we were able tyo participate in the Confirmation which was awesome. It was incredible seeing her being united with her kids now whom are members and seeing them so happy!!! It was an awesome thing! 

Heavenly Father has been blessing us so much with these incredible people, and I'm so grateful to be participating in his work. We are preparing an event with the whole Osasco stake to baptize 76 people on the 19th of December and do it all in one baptismal service!!! a "WHITE CHRISTMAS" this was the idea of Elder Rodrigues and Elder Frost our beloved Zone Leaders and I truly believe it was inspired!! we are fasting and praying to be able to find these people to be baptized on this day... I know that the Lord will bless us. I am so grateful for this week i have had, and for everything I am learning here in Baronesa. This area is helping to be the best missionary I can and I am truly learning so much with my leaders and companion! So happy, and grateful for this gospel! I love you all so much and hope you have an awesome week also!!!!!!

Elder Barton

This week photos... 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 23rd - Weekly Letter!

Hello my friends on this fine morning!!!!!

Wanted to start off giving a HUUUUUUUUUGEEEEE shout out to my momma DARCI BARTON for her special day today.... HER BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🍫🎅󾓦🙌🙉🙌🙌👲
Happy Birthday mom I love ya soooo much and couldn't be more grateful for ya and everything you do for me!!! Hope ya have an AWESOME day!!!!

This week was another one of those solid weeks here in Baronesa!!!! We had a super cool experience that I wanted to share will ya guys here real quick! It was actually last Sunday, but wasn't able to talk about in my last letter!

So last Sunday Elder Ferriera and I were doing some contacts headed to our lunch appointment and trying to close up the week strong with some contacts when we saw a woman with 3 little kids headed to the Favela Santa Rita when she stopped and looked at us as we were approaching her. She asked us "hey do you guys enter the Favela to teach people??" with a smile on her face like as if she had talked with missionaries before. We responded yes, and that is why we wanted to talk to her, to see if we could share a message with her another day. She all the sudden began to cry, and Elder Ferreira and I looked at each other not knowing why... She began to tell us that she used to go to church a ton and has a really good friend whom is a member in the neighboring ward. She wasn't ever baptized because of some pretty crazy difficulties she has, but she told us that every time she feel like she cant take anymore in her life the missionaries appear in her life. She said she knew it was a sign from God and promised to go to church that very day and went!!!! She brought her 3 younger kids (10, 7 and 5 years  old) and said she felt soo much better after she went to church and just loved it. We started visiting her during this week, and are preparing her and her son Marcos (10 years old) for baptism and also found out that she has another son Paulo who is 15 and had already been baptized like 5 years ago!!! The family of 4 went to church yesterday, and was truly such an incredible experience. 

I know that Heavenly Father puts people in our paths, and that none of this was in vain. I am so grateful to be teaching such incredible people and seeing miracles like this on a daily basis. She said to us this week that when she stopped and looked at us that last Sunday, that we looked liked angels to her. When I heard that, I became so happy. I know that The Savior Jesus Christ is by our side as missionaries, and that he puts His lost sheep in all of our paths so that we can help return back to his presence. I love this gospel with all my heart, and am so happy to be serving. This week was an incredible week, and hope you all have an awesome week as well! Thanks so much for your guys support!!!
Elder Barton

                                               Elder Barton found a mountain dew

Elder hurd and yuri farewell!


"the week" 11/16/15


haha that rhymed, whaaaaats up everybody???! 

this week was an awesome week as always! Including the MARRIAGE and BAPTISM of Rafael and Joana!!!!! It was such a special and spiritual weekend!!! 

They got married on Saturday morning at the carotrio (place where you sign all the papers and everything) and then had a ceremony in the afternoon on Saturday!! It was soo awesome, the relief society made this huuuge lunch for everyone with all these tactical fruit bowls, designs and what not with an awesome cake!!! Ha ha and it was super cool cause they did a little ceremony with our Bishop and he gave them their marriage "blessing" with a ring ceremony and everything!!! it was super fancy!!! Turned out truly being perfect, it was a lot of stress to get everything all prepared and organized but it turned out being absolutely PERFECT!!! It was soo awesome seeing them so happy and  in love. They then got baptized on Sunday after church, and it was so cool. They are such a neat couple, and it was incredible to see how far they have truly come. 

Looking at them I was thinking about how their future generations will be so blessed because of this choice that they made. I thought of my Grandparents and how they chose to accept the missionaries and the gospel of Christ and how that decision blessed MY life. Because of that decision I am here today. And could not be more grateful. It was an experience that I will never forget seeing them get married and baptized. Especially Elder Hurd and Rodrigues worked so hard to help them and prepare them to have this incredible day and I am so grateful I was able to be part of it. I love this gospel and am so grateful that ol Gramps and Grams let the gospel change their lives, and because of them being humble enough to accept it I am here. I love this church so much, and I am so grateful to be a member of Christ's true church. I love you all so much, and hope you guys all have a great week! GO AFTER THE MIRACLES!!!!

Elder Barton

PS will send tons of pics of the wedding and everything don't worry they are headed your way my friends!!! stay tactical!

                                                Wedding and Baptism of Rafael and Joana

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekly Email REPORT!!!!!!! 11/09/15


I'm here to give y'all a report on this great week real quick!!!

We started something super cool in our ward this month with the Ward Mission... We started a competition in the ward to get the members excited about missionary work!!! called "Gincana da Ala"  Our ward mission leader is such a stud and helped us organize it all and its going to be LEGIT!

We made three separate teams in the ward and each team has to gain points during the week doing visits with the missionaries, bringing people to church and activities with a few other lil spinners :) It is awesome to see how stoked the ward is getting to participate in the work with us! Our recent convert Gabriel (14 year old boy who was baptized a lil while ago) alone brought a family of 4 people to church this Sunday. It was soo incredible and helped me grow my testimony so much! Seeing him so firm in the gospel and with such a strong desire to share the gospel. Elder Ferreira and I went there last week and he took us to their house o leave a message with them and he bore his testimony that our church is truly the church of the Savior who leads and directs it. He then walked with them all the way to church . He lives in a favela in our area called "Açucará" which is about 2 miles from the church. He walks every Sunday to go to church as well as all the activities AND brings others to church!! This kid is a STUD!!! Such a huge example to me, and I will never more complain about going to church or walking after seeing the his sacrifice and testimony!

We also were able to meet an incredible woman named Josefa this week who moved into our area. She has two kids whom are members of the church and one who is preparing to serve a mission. She always went to church but never got baptized because of her husband who didn't let her. She got separated with him and came to Baronesa so that she could be baptized. We received a call from the other Elders in our Zone and they informed us about her and gave us the address. She is awesome. Truly was such a blessing to meet her and see her desire to do good as well. We are preparing her to be baptized on the 28th of this month as well as some other incredible people! Feeling so blessed. I love this work, and seeing others grow their testimonies and have a desire to do what is right because of the gospel. I know that this gospel is perfect and that it helps others progress towards perfection. I hope that we can all strive to help others get to know this incredible gospel and come unto Christ. 

Tuesday Morning... 11/10/15

Zone together this morning 11/10/15

Pizzas... ONE YEAR Mark...

A member here that is leaving for his mission!

"When you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel, you can reach out and rescue others."  Thomas S. Monson
I know that they are there, we just need to pray to have the spirit help us recognize them and help them have this amazing joy in the gospel!
Thanks soo much guys  for all of you and your support! Hope ya have an awesome week!! Loveee ya so much!!!

Elder Barton

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mission Halfway Mark 11/3/15

Hello my beloved friends from da STATTEEES and a happy Halloween! 

This week was a super rewarding, and awesome week.... 

After a few tough weeks here in Baronesa, the Lord truly has blessed us with some incredible people to teach here in Baronesa and some great experiences!! 

It was super cool on Sunday, when we had fast and testimony meeting. Our recent convert João bore his testimony and it was such a powerful moment. It was incredible seeing the smile on his face only being a member of the church for less than 2 months and sharing his testimony with everyone. He already has such a solid testimony and is truly such an incredible guy! Such an example for his family and all of us! I am so amazed by this people, and the openness they have to receive the restored gospel in their lives and put it in practice! They have such strong testimonies!! 

It was also way cool this week another new elder arrived who is also a visa waiter headed to New Jersey! His name is Elder Iuri and will probably be my new comp here shortly when Elder Ferreira gets his visa! Hes currently in trio with my zone leaders Elder Hurd and Rodrigues, but I had the opportunity to do an exchange with them this week and Elder Iuri stayed with Elder Ferreira and I yesterday. It was awesome... These kids are such studs! We had an amazing lesson yesterday teaching the Restoration to an awesome new family that we found! It was amazing, the spirit was soo strong and it was cool to see these two new missionaries bearing there testimony to this family. I could feel the spirit for sure, and am grateful to be learning with these POWERHOUSE missionaries! 

I am coming to have such a huge testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration, teaching this message to others is one of the greatest, most rewarding things ever. I truly can say that I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and chosen to bring back the fullness of the Gospel in our times. With the exact same organization that Christ established when he was here. I love this gospel and I love my Savior and Heavenly Father. Grateful that he loves too, and communicates with us through living prophets! 

I cant believe my mission is already about halfway over... Don't believe it AT ALL!!!! I don't know how it went by so fast, truly is insane! But I am grateful i got another year to give all I got and see the Lords hand in this work!!!! I will be burning a shirt this week to celebrate.... 😃🌋

Haha love ya guys sooo much and thanks for everything!!!

Until next week YO!

Elder Barton

Saturday, October 31, 2015

November 5th - Elder B hits his one year mark!

Elder Barton has been out on his MISSION for almost ONE year!  He hits his one year mark on Thursday, November 5th!  He sure would love to receive some emails and love if you have a chance... His P-day where he reads emails is on Monday...

Elder Barton- last FHE Monday Night

This Guy LOVES food and he LOVES Donuts... He was so happy to say that he found a small bakery that makes these cinnamon & sugar donuts!  He said he gets ONE everyday! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

A new record 10/26/15

I am proud to say that your son, along with 3 other triumphant men have broken the mission record of contacts done in front of the temple In Mission Sao Paulo West.... haha every week companionships go to the temple and do contacts in front. We destroyed the record by 40 contacts... It was pretty intense... I was with elder hurd that day and we DESTROYED!!! haha our pic got sent out in the weekly email and will stay there until someone breaks it (which will never happen..) also our zone had interviews with president this week!

PIZZA, CAMO, GOOD MEMORIES (feat. Elder V. Lima)

Photos from October 19th

                                  Activity we had this week in the chapel (Noite da Sobremesa)

                                                               da streets.....

 Family Night last week at bishops house with some investigators!!!! (rafeal and joana on the couch with red dress)

we made brownies!

  Family Night last week at bishops house with some investigators!!!! (rafeal and joana on the couch with red dress)
                                                        Favela in our area "Santa Rita"
 3 of Joaos Grandchildren were baptized on Sunday.... He baptized one, his other grandson Renato (the tall one who was baptized a couple weeks ago) baptized another, and Elder Rodrigues baptized the other little Grandson