Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekly Email REPORT!!!!!!! 11/09/15


I'm here to give y'all a report on this great week real quick!!!

We started something super cool in our ward this month with the Ward Mission... We started a competition in the ward to get the members excited about missionary work!!! called "Gincana da Ala"  Our ward mission leader is such a stud and helped us organize it all and its going to be LEGIT!

We made three separate teams in the ward and each team has to gain points during the week doing visits with the missionaries, bringing people to church and activities with a few other lil spinners :) It is awesome to see how stoked the ward is getting to participate in the work with us! Our recent convert Gabriel (14 year old boy who was baptized a lil while ago) alone brought a family of 4 people to church this Sunday. It was soo incredible and helped me grow my testimony so much! Seeing him so firm in the gospel and with such a strong desire to share the gospel. Elder Ferreira and I went there last week and he took us to their house o leave a message with them and he bore his testimony that our church is truly the church of the Savior who leads and directs it. He then walked with them all the way to church . He lives in a favela in our area called "Açucará" which is about 2 miles from the church. He walks every Sunday to go to church as well as all the activities AND brings others to church!! This kid is a STUD!!! Such a huge example to me, and I will never more complain about going to church or walking after seeing the his sacrifice and testimony!

We also were able to meet an incredible woman named Josefa this week who moved into our area. She has two kids whom are members of the church and one who is preparing to serve a mission. She always went to church but never got baptized because of her husband who didn't let her. She got separated with him and came to Baronesa so that she could be baptized. We received a call from the other Elders in our Zone and they informed us about her and gave us the address. She is awesome. Truly was such a blessing to meet her and see her desire to do good as well. We are preparing her to be baptized on the 28th of this month as well as some other incredible people! Feeling so blessed. I love this work, and seeing others grow their testimonies and have a desire to do what is right because of the gospel. I know that this gospel is perfect and that it helps others progress towards perfection. I hope that we can all strive to help others get to know this incredible gospel and come unto Christ. 

Tuesday Morning... 11/10/15

Zone together this morning 11/10/15

Pizzas... ONE YEAR Mark...

A member here that is leaving for his mission!

"When you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel, you can reach out and rescue others."  Thomas S. Monson
I know that they are there, we just need to pray to have the spirit help us recognize them and help them have this amazing joy in the gospel!
Thanks soo much guys  for all of you and your support! Hope ya have an awesome week!! Loveee ya so much!!!

Elder Barton

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