Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mission Halfway Mark 11/3/15

Hello my beloved friends from da STATTEEES and a happy Halloween! 

This week was a super rewarding, and awesome week.... 

After a few tough weeks here in Baronesa, the Lord truly has blessed us with some incredible people to teach here in Baronesa and some great experiences!! 

It was super cool on Sunday, when we had fast and testimony meeting. Our recent convert João bore his testimony and it was such a powerful moment. It was incredible seeing the smile on his face only being a member of the church for less than 2 months and sharing his testimony with everyone. He already has such a solid testimony and is truly such an incredible guy! Such an example for his family and all of us! I am so amazed by this people, and the openness they have to receive the restored gospel in their lives and put it in practice! They have such strong testimonies!! 

It was also way cool this week another new elder arrived who is also a visa waiter headed to New Jersey! His name is Elder Iuri and will probably be my new comp here shortly when Elder Ferreira gets his visa! Hes currently in trio with my zone leaders Elder Hurd and Rodrigues, but I had the opportunity to do an exchange with them this week and Elder Iuri stayed with Elder Ferreira and I yesterday. It was awesome... These kids are such studs! We had an amazing lesson yesterday teaching the Restoration to an awesome new family that we found! It was amazing, the spirit was soo strong and it was cool to see these two new missionaries bearing there testimony to this family. I could feel the spirit for sure, and am grateful to be learning with these POWERHOUSE missionaries! 

I am coming to have such a huge testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and the Restoration, teaching this message to others is one of the greatest, most rewarding things ever. I truly can say that I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and chosen to bring back the fullness of the Gospel in our times. With the exact same organization that Christ established when he was here. I love this gospel and I love my Savior and Heavenly Father. Grateful that he loves too, and communicates with us through living prophets! 

I cant believe my mission is already about halfway over... Don't believe it AT ALL!!!! I don't know how it went by so fast, truly is insane! But I am grateful i got another year to give all I got and see the Lords hand in this work!!!! I will be burning a shirt this week to celebrate.... 😃🌋

Haha love ya guys sooo much and thanks for everything!!!

Until next week YO!

Elder Barton

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