Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekly Report BOA TARDE from BARONESA 8/31/15

Hey hey hey everybody!!!! I'm comin atcha live from my new area Baronesa!!!! Its super awesome here, I truly loved my first week!

So this last week I was with an Elder named Elder Viera, who was a new missionary waiting for his visa to the NEW YORK NEW YORK NORTH MISSION!!! the same mission as my main man BIG RYFRY ALPHA!! His visa arrived, so he headed out yesterday.. I will miss him, truly learned a lot with that kid in just one week! He learned so quickly and is already such a powerful missionary!

I'm currently in trio with my Zone Leaders Elder Hurd and Elder Rodriguez... They are studs. We live in the same house and I will go to the mission home tomorrow to grab my new comp! He will be a short time missionary I think, so it should be awesome to be able to show him what its like to serve a mission! I'm stoked!! Its gonna be a little crazy cause I don't know the area too well yet, but just gotta charge it haha I know Heavenly Father will help me out!

I have really loved this area and the ward that I am serving in so far! (its a smaller ward with about 90-100 people) And the people here are soo humble, and the members are all always soo pumped to help the missionaries and participate in this awesome work! We gave a training in the ward yesterday also about missionary work and how the members can be more involved, they were all STOKED! I already have made some awesome friends here, and know that I will learn A TON in this area!! This is gonna be a shorter email his week, but just wanted to let you all know that I am doing awesome and am so grateful for all of you guys and your support!!! Every day i am coming to love my Savior more and more and am so grateful to be here. Love y'all sooo much and hope you have an awesome week!!!


Elder Barton                                

                              Elder Barton LOVES Food!  We get photos of his meals each week! 
                                               He is one blessed Elder! 

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