Monday, August 24, 2015

weekly email TRANSFERS!!!!!!!

Hello everybody!!!! Elder Barton coming atcha with some news that I will be TRANSFERRED!!!!!! I am headed to an area called Rochdale which is in Osasco. Where i was in my first area!!! But Osasco is huge so i will be pretty far from where I was! I will be opening the area (again!!) and training a part time missionary who will only stay for one transfer! I'm scared, but excited also!!

This week was a super super awesome week.... A perfect last week here in Granja Viana!! The first awesome thing that I COMPLETELY FORGOT to tell everyone last week is that ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSEN came to visit our mission!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow soooooooo awesome!!!! It was the coolest thing ever, I feel so blessed to have had that opportunity to receive an incredible training about the Atonement of Jesus Christ from him! I felt the spirit soo very strongly in that room as he testified as an Apostle of the Lord to each and every one of us! Most of the time, he was speaking in Portuguese!! haha it was sooo sick!! He speaks Portuguese, English, french, and Spanish! And he was speaking Portuguese soo well! It was incredible!! But his training was seriously so good. He talked about the Atonement the entire time, and how it applies to us as missionaries and how it can help use have a stronger desire to share the gospel when we understand our Saviors sacrifice for us. It is only through the Infinite Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ that we can return to live with him forever and have happiness here on this earth. And when we understand that, and feel that love that he has for us, we will want to share this gospel with the whole world so that they can feel the same thing and have the chance to return to live with God!! Sister Andersen was also there, and gave an incredible talk about Honesty and how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are our perfect examples of honesty. When we are honest with Heavenly Father, trying to use the Atonement of His Son more and more each day we will have the Holy Ghost with us more abundantly each day. "We have to do this if we want the Holy Ghost with us. We simply wont have it any other way!" is what she said, and I loved that! Its soo true, Heavenly Father wants to give us the company of the Holy Ghost always, so that we can have him to lead and guide us but we have to do our part and be honest, using the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ! It was so soo awesome to be there and receive such great trainings from such incredible people. I want to write so much more of what they said but also don't have much time haha! But all I will say is that my testimony of the Atonement grew so much this week, and want to study it more and more each day better understand the Sacrifice that my Savior suffered for me!

Also wanted to talk about the baptism we had with Tiago on Sunday! It was awesome to receive that training and then see Tiago putting the atonement to use the following day. He is such a stud, he is the kid I talked about last week, that told us he wants to serve a mission! It was crazy to see how fast he was prepared by the Lord and the testimony he received through prayer! I had always known him, Elder Cabral and I met him the first week here in Granja Viana but he was never quite ready... He went to church a couple times but wasn't progressing much. All of a
sudden these last couple weeks he started having Incredible experiences and desires to follow Christ! It was such a special baptism, he is such a stud and I am so grateful for that Opportunity I had to meet him and learn from his example! He is only 16, and hardly has any support from his family. It was super sad no one from his family came to watch his baptism, but the young men all welcomed him in so well and he had a lot of people there from the ward to support him! Hes awesome! Also Sergio is progressing sooo well! He was there to watch the baptism and loved it.I will definitely come back on the 13th to watch his baptism!! I still cant believe how much this man has changed!! It is incredible how the ATONEMENT of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon can change people!! I have gained such a strong testimony of that here in this area. Because it happened with me! 

This area was super tough, but I truly learned soo much. I grew my testimony so much in this area and am so grateful for the things I have learned, and blessings which I have received! Sorry this letter is soo long today, but I just want to let you guys know that I know without a doubt that this church is true. That the power of the Atonement is real and truly changes people and their desires. I am so grateful to be serving my mission and for the support which I feel from you guys! Couldn't thank you enough! Hope ya all know how much I love ya and have an AWESOME WEEK!!!!!! 

Until next time!

                                                       Tiago's Baptism Photos... 

                                         Pizza celebration APOSTLE and BATISMO!!!

The last supper with Maria do Carmo!!!! :(
                                  (elder b is fed well! we never have to worry about that! whew!)

Sergio!!!!!! (pay attention to the paintings that he painted
 in the backround! sooo sweet!) PICASSO IN THE FLESHHHH

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