Thursday, August 20, 2015

Weekly Report 8/17/2015

Opaaaaaaa Bom Dia todo mundo!
Elder B comin atcha to give a report of the awesome week!
This week was truly full of miracles, miracles, and more miracles!! Had some super awesome experiences and learned some great things this week!
I wanted to start off talking about my main man Sergio who I talked about a couple weeks back.... Or maybe last week? haha times flying some I'm not sure which week it was! But he is the older man who is having awesome experiences with the Book of Mormon.... So he doing super super well! He went to church again yesterday and we marked him to be baptized on September 13th!!! I cant believe it! We visited him last night and talked about baptism and he told us that he is wanted to change his life and be baptized! I still am kind of in shock, haha because he was so dang stubborn earlier and didn't want anything to do with our church. And now he is ASKING US if he can be baptized and what he needs to do to prepare! It is so incredible how the gospel and Book of Mormon literally changes and transforms lives. I have been able to grow my testimony about this soo much these last couple weeks.
Also have an awesome Investigator named Tiago who we have been teaching for a long time but he was never really progressing. He is 16 years old and we almost stopped visiting him a lot of times because he wasn't able to go to church. But we felt that we should keep visiting him and inviting him to church. He went last week, and absolutely loved it! He told us that he said a prayer when he went home and asked if the church was true, when he prayed he felt super happy afterwards and that he wants to SERVE A MISSION!!!!! he also told us he wants to be baptized and we marked him for next Sunday!!! I couldn't believe it, truly these are miracles that are happening. And I don't even know how to react, except to just feel grateful. This area has been super super hard, we have never had much success in this area and it is 7 months without a baptism. I questioned Heavenly Father a lot of times why i am I here in this area, why am I not having success, why is it so hard? But I have come to learn that He has control over everything... He knows what he does with each and every one of us and I am soo soo grateful for the things which I have learned here in this area. The transfer is about to end, and I am wanting to stay here just to be able to learn more!

I am learning so much with my companion Elder Inocencio and am so grateful for the spirit i feel and awesome experiences I have each day. I know I say the same thing every week, but I am truly loving my mission. I am so happy and grateful to feel my Saviors love each day! This church is true, and miracles are real! I hope ya all have an awesome week and thanks for everything!
Elder Barton

(FROM AUG 3rd email)  

We just had an exchange with the traveling APs the whole week. It was sooo awesome! learned so much from them, they are great missionaries! They are constantly traveling to help out other areas. STUDS!
1. Burger at THE FIFTIES last pday! ohhh gosh so good!
2. Bday party for Sister Almeida this week in district meeting!

(Last WEEK)
Lil exchange pizza celebration with my Zone Leader Elder Norambuena!!!

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