Sunday, August 2, 2015


YELLO everybodyy!!!!

Super awesome and rewarding week this week!! First wanted to start off that we saw SO MANY MONKEYS THIS WEEK HOLY COW I'M SO STOKED!!!! My dreams have come true!!!! hahaha it was sooo sick we ate lunch at our bishops house one day and when we were leaving there like 30 monkeys in the trees in the front of his house!!! holy
cowwwww itwasawesome!!! we where feeding them bananas and they would grab the banana right of your hand!!! it was the SICKEST thing ever!!! I wanted to slap one in my bag and take him home as a pet! Maci and Demi you guys would have LOVED it!!! I didn't have my camera :( but i took some pics with our cell phone and our bishop emailed me a few pics that ill send to ya guys!;)

Other than the MONKEY MADNESS, this week was a super great week! Had some awesome experiences with "Nosso Resgate" as well as with NEW INVESTIGATORS!!! The first experience withe nosso resgate was awesome... We found an inactive family on our list that lives super close to our house and heard that he was an ex bishop and had fallen away from the church. We had an impression one day this week to go visit them, We went over and he let us in, we started to talk and get to know him a little better when his wife (also a member) got home. We ended up talking with them for about 30 minutes just getting to know them and talking about the church, their family, and life. We left everything super light and just let them know that we are here to help em out with anything they need and asked if we could leave with a word of prayer. After the prayer Regina (the wife) began to cry and just had the biggest smile on her face. It was such a neat moment, just to see her gratitude from a small and simple visit to show our support. I have gained a huge testimony of this recently, that small and simple acts to show our love for those whom have fallen can make a huge difference! Also that the Lord truly prepares people to accept and hear our message of the Restoration. We found such an awesome family this week, a young couple named Edson and Eliane with their two little daughters Carolina and Aline who are 5 and 7 years old, so dang cute! They really accepted our message super well and really want to go to church!(weren't able to this Sunday) But are super excited for next Sunday!!! Edson told us that he feels so happy and good when we teach them and wants to change his life. We testified of the love that Heavenly Father has for us and it was such a great experience! Super excited about them!!!

Definitely has been super hard in this area, but I have learned SO much here, about my Savior and about myself. Elder Ulisses S. Soares of the presidency of the seventy gave a talk this Sunday in our ward (Its his home ward and hes just here visiting) and he said something super awesome that I liked a lot. He said "Something easy wouldn't be of God" which really hit me. That all these tough experiences I have been having have been from my Heavenly Father to help me learn and grow my testimony. so grateful for that, and I know that that is true what he said. Sorry I have written a novel this week, but Super grateful for this week which I have had and for this incredible opportunity to serve. I couldn't do it with out all of your support and the support from my Savior! Thanks YA LL so much!!!! Have an AWESOME WEEK!!!!

Elder Barton


​the pics are super bad but AHHHH SO SICK!!!

Little friend in our house this week!!!

ZONE PIC (minus two sisters)

Joker mask that one of the investigators of my zone leaders has haha! During an exhange this week

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