Tuesday, August 11, 2015


We had lunch with the SeCama family this week haha oh my gosh sooo much food! it was amazing I ate cow stomach and this super good cake!!

​This is the cow stomach!!! pics are super bad, but it was danggg good!

a little bit of the JUNGLES and favelas  in COTIAAA!

HAND MADE SUSHI that an awesome Japanese inactive member made for us last night!!!!!!! HOLYYYYYYY COW SOO GOOD!

​Tereza and Paulo SeCama, such an awesome awesome family!!!! Paulo is famous for karaoke competitions in Brazil and Japan haha and has like 200 hundred trophies in there house haha! we are trying to help them go back to church, they always make a bunch of food for the missionaries.... Such an awesome family!!!

Heyy heyyyy whats up Everybody!!!
Solid week this week, it was one of those tougher weeks where Satan was working a little bit in the hearts of the people but turned out to be a great week!

I wanted to start off talking about the power of The Book of Mormon, and the ability it has to transform hearts and move lives! We have been teaching a man named Sergio for a while now. He is an older man that is about 74 years old and first came in contact with the sister missionaries here in this area. He is a very smart man, and is constantly studying hundreds of books about religion and all sorts of stuff. He is also super good at painting!! Hes like Picasso haha his paintings are soo abstract and sick! But we have been visiting him a lot talking about the Book of Mormon, and answering all of the many many questions that he has. He is a great friend of ours, and has always had a lot of respect for us but has previously said to me that he never wants to be a member of the church. We kept visiting him, (usually him showing us his books and paintings) but always inviting I'm to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and we would come back to answer his questions. Last Monday, he gave us a call and asked if we could come over. We did, and he told us that he spent almost 3 hours reading the book of Mormon Monday morning because he couldn't stop. He then prayed, and said he felt the most powerful, indescribable and happy feeling come over him and began to weep. He then told us that he didn't know what it was, but said he wants "to try and be the best Mormon that he can" haha. We testified of the power of the Holy Ghost and how he testifies of the truth. Sergio was super happy and came to church with us this Sunday after having many dreams and other awesome experiences with the Book of Mormon during the week. It was incredible, I couldn't believe it! We are planning to invite him to be baptized this week... We wanted to last week, but something just wasn't feeling right! We are so stoked, and I truly grew my testimony soo much about the power that the Book of Mormon has to convert souls and change our lives for the better! 

 The Book of Mormon is true, and it testifies of the Immense love that our Heavenly Father has, and always has had for each and every one of us. So grateful for that, and these experiences I was able to be apart of this week. I invite all of you guys to read, and pray to know the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon because it will bless your lives so much! I'm grateful for this restored gospel and the PLETHORA of blessings that I have! Hope yaaalll have an awesome week!


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