Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly REPORT 8 - 15 - 2016

HOLYYYYY COW I'M JUST GONNA GO STRAIGHT FOR IT AND START OFF THIS LETTER WITH A HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SHOUTOUT TO MY BROTHER RYAN AND HANNAH'S NEW DAUGHTER BEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe she has finally arrived!!!! I cant believe you guys are PARENTS haha and that I'm an uncle!!!!!! Congrats you guys thatssooooo awesome the TINY has born!!!!

Haha, this week and last couple weeks have been some tougher weeks in the area but super good ones. Here in the "small river" its been a little tough to take the peeps to that church haha but its all good, we are being so blessed still! I had the opportunity to do an exchange with my SON this week also haha Elder Guimarães which was super awesome!!!! He is in my zone now and actually my district leader haha, its kinda weird being bossed around by your own son, but this kids a stud haha! It was cool to see how hes grown and to learn with him in our exchange! Hes really LEFT THE NEST if you know what i mean! haha but it was way cool, we went and did a baptismal interview for the sisters baptism in Novo Osasco and then came back to the smallllll river to work! During the week, we continued teaching these two new families that we have and did some FHEs with them which was awesome! They are being fellow shipped really well with the ward but just NEED TO GO TO CHURCH haha! 

 With work, weddings, and a bunch of stuff neither one of them were able to go to church but next week its all ready to go! We also were working with a bunch of other people that all bailed out Sunday morning haha :( but when we were picking people up on Sunday and when the last person wasn't home, we decided to say a prayer and we just felt that someone was at church. Even though everyone that we had talked to said they wouldnt go, we felt that someone was there. When we got there two different members had brought investigators!!! We were so happy and knew that it was a huge blessing! I have truly gained a testimony of how hard Satan works on Saturday to mess people up and not go to church, but I know that Heavenly Father always works in His ways, and has all the power! 

Love you guys sooo much and have an awesome week!!!!!!!!!

Elder Barton

                                                  Last Few weeks in Photos :)

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