Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Whaaaats up everybody???!
This week was soooo awesome! Filled with action packed events, spiritual action packed events, and miracles!!!
I want to first start off with the action packed stuff... One of the craziest things I've ever seen happened this week.. I saw the true side of my companion Elder Almeida. He is an animal, and I am proud to call him my loyal trainer at this time. So we were helping a member (Maria de Lourdes) clean her house this week because we planned to have a family home evening at her house on Saturday night with our investigators Irenilde, Irenice, and Nice. Her house was crazy messy cause shes like a hoarder haha so it took forever to help her get it all clean, it was pretty gross haha! A lot of dead cockroaches and cigarette butts all over the place! But as we were cleaning, I heard a bunch of dogs outside freaking out like barking and growling super loud! I ran and looked out the window and there were two dogs in the street fighting each other! like super gnarly fighting, one was pinned on its back and the other was like biting its neck trying to kill it!! It was so intense, there were a bunch of people screaming and throwing rocks at the bigger dog (who was biting the others neck) and a lady with a shovel hitting the dog freaking out haha. But the dog wouldn't quit and kept biting and growling a ton! I was in complete shock, I don't even think I moved haha but all the sudden Elder Almeida sprinted into the street guns a blazing and manhandled the dog!!! Literally grabbed it by the neck with two hands while it was biting the other, and trying to bite him also! He looked so gnarly, he was right in the middle of the action grappling with with the dogs and grabbing the big black labs neck with two hands and managed to get it behind a gated fence while another man grabbed the other dog by the leg and threw it on the ground!!! Hahaha I was freaking out at what had just happened, it was soo insane haha and Elder Almeida was so calm about it, he said it would happen all the time where hes from... He casually came inside, rolled up his sleeves, and washed the dog blood of his arms haha... I learned a valuable lesson, and am proud to be under Elder Almeidas wing while he shows me the ways of fighting off a group of dogs only with his bare hands and testimony of a spiritual giant...
haha, that was super awesome... Hes the man. But the family night went super well, after the glorious victory over the dogs. There were a ton of members there and our investigators got to meet them and had a really good time so it was perfect! Irenilde, Irenice and Nice are soo awesome! They are so ready to be baptized and soo excited! We have really become good Friends with them, they had us over for dinner one night this week and we have been visiting them a ton!!! Irenilde (the oldest of the three) is still pretty shy when shes around other people and shes a little nervous for the baptism. She called us today and wanted us to come over and talk with her about it and i had such a neat experience. She was really worried about her baptism, feeling like she needs to be perfect forever after shes baptized and asking a bunch of questions... I said a prayer before we went in her house that I would be able to be led by the spirit and say what she needed to hear... And I really gained a testimony of relying on the spirit today, I red Ether 12:27 to her about weaknesses being made strong and bore my testimony that she doesn't need to be perfect and that when we follow Christ and try our best to improve, that's the most we can do. I didn't feel like it was me talking, I felt totally led and comforted to speak Portuguese and bear testimony to her. It was so cool and powerful. She felt a lot better after we talked to her for a while and is really excited for her baptism this Saturday! They are such a special family.. They have gone through so much together, and are so humble. I cant believe it, I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is always watching over us, and that this was the perfect time in their lives for them to receive this gospel... ANd its not a coincidence that we taught them at this time! So cool, I can feel how much Heavenly Father loves them, and each and every one of us... And I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to witness these miracles that happen every day when we listen to the spirit!! THis week was so good, and I know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father loves us, and he wants us to be happy. He will bless our lives if we let him and always has a plan for us! Love ya guys so much! Thanks for everything, I got letters from the Baylons, Sister Bertha, and my main man Elder Wilson this week!!!! I feel so loved, and thanks so much guys for your support!!!! Yall are da BOMB!!!!
Elder Barton

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