Monday, January 5, 2015

elder barton email 9 // 1-03-15

Whaaaat whaat up everybody happy new year!!! 
  This week was a way good week! New Years here is crazy haha! There are soo many little kids that have these little mini explosives and they just chuck them in the street ALL  day long haha, almost got my leg blown off a couple times NBD... haha but seriously there were soo many people all over the streets on new years eve! So many people drinking and blasting music with fireworks a blazing! Way crazier than the United States on new years that's for sure! 
   In the beginning of the week, Elder Almeida and I got to help one of our investigators with some service in their house! It was soo fun haha they live in the favelas, and they were extending onto their house so we were in this super narrow little dirt alley between two shacks digging a huge hole so they could put a new wall in! It was so fun, and it made me realize how good we have it in the states! Thier house is sooo small and crammed against these other little tiny shacks with pieces of sheet metal and bricks all put together with concrete for their homes! Its unbelievable, and they are so happy! Our other investigators Lincoln and Singrid have been progressing really well! Im so excited, they are actually getting baptized I cant believe it! It doesn't feel real, I feel like I'm in the MTC again with a pretend investigator... But these are REAL people! And i can just tell that they are excited to get baptized, and it feels so cool. I still don't talk too much in lessons its mostly Elder Almeida who's doing the teaching, but I still feel the spirit so strong during the lessons. Its awesome cause even though my Portuguese is very broken, I still feel them connected and I feel like they appreciate my efforts in speaking their language which is awesome. 
  Something funny that happened this week was when we were with a less active member Maria, in her home. Shes so awesome, recently she has really had a desire to start going to church again! She called one day and told us to come over because her son Thomas was there and she wanted us to share a message with them! When we got there, i figured out he speaks PERFECT ENGLISH! I was sooo stoked, i was just talking and talking to him cause it felt so good to be able to speak with someone! In my mind i was thinking "this is my time to shine, heavenly father prepared  this person  for me so i was talking to him a bunch about church and missions and baring my testimony to him. I set up an appointment to go back and teach him more because I was so excited, and felt like he was really interested! We left, and I told Elder Almeida my experience and told him that he was going to get baptized and I could just feel it! haha and then Elder Almeida just started busting up laughing at me and told me that Thomas is a MEMBER! hahahaha it was so funny I felt so dumb.. But he is inactive so hey, might be able to help him come back to church! but still it was so funny! This week was really good, it has been raining like CRAZY here!!! The power keeps going out because of it. It actually justy went our while I was writing this email haha! The rain is soo insane, its like nothing i have ever seen haha it rains so hard! Elder Almeida and I didn't have umbrellas one day, and had to go back to our apartment and change because we were literally SOAKED! Elder Almeida also burned one of his ties this week for his 6 month  anniversary, pretty sweet! Almost caught the apartment on fire though(not really but pretty close), probably wasn't a good idea doing it inside haha! 
Well, I couldn't thank all of you enough for your support. It makes it so much easier being away from home knowing that you guys have my back! Thanks for everything and PEACE OUT!
Elder Barton

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