Tuesday, December 30, 2014

elder barton - email 8 - 12/29/14

Hey everybody!!!!
Tudo Bem?! 
Haha, this week was a pretty good week, kinda tough with christmas and being away from the family for the first time... But im so glad I got to skype you guys that was so awesome! Even though there were all the brazlilians gathered around behind me screaming and showing off their desserts that they made haha... But its all good, the work here has been going really well!
I went on splits with some of the members in our ward this week, haha it was so fun! Elder Almeida went with one member and I went with another, the one I went with was named Rodrigo, haha he's such a funny guy. He wants to learn english really bad so I was teaching him a bunch as we walked and we were singing american music together haha it was awesome. We had a pretty cool lesson also with a man I never taught before. It was good practice to be without Elder Almeida cause I had to talk alot more. Haha it was kinda scary but it went pretty well! We got a new investigator out of it and he wants learn more! So that was good... We also have been having some really good lessons this week. We have an investigator named Adriana who really likes our message and wants to be baptized, but she needs to get married first and doesn't want to. She has been engaged for 14 YEARS!!! And she just doesn't want to get married for some reason! We taught her a lesson about eternal marriage and she actually accepted it really well! Her "fiance" was there too, and he's usually never there for the lessons so it was really good for both of them hear it together. We bore testimony of faith and told them that sometimes a descision is hard but when we exercised our faith we are blessed. It was really cool and I felt like they really thought about it. We have been praying alot for them to have a desire to get married and really hope heavenly father helps them to know its the right choice! They have 3 kids also, and the two that are old enough really want to be baptized and came to church! So cool, Im really hoping that Adriana and her fiance will choose to get married. 
 Church was way cool yesterday too, we had three investigators come to church which was awesome! One of them was a street contact from Saturday night and he said yes when we asked him to come! Im really excited to teach him his name is Adilson and seems really intersted! I sat next to him in sacrament and it was cool cause in my broken portuguese i was able to help him better understand the sacrament and answer his questions! Haha it felt pretty cool, Im definatley struggling with this language... But I know it will come as I work hard, the Lord will help me and I know it! I can't thank you all enough for your support and love, it really helps me! Until next week!
Elder Barton
Christmas Eve Dinner with members

My area so crazy!

​More of my area... And this was my lunch today... Hope yopu know how much I love ya mom and miss your cooking! haha thats an elder barton specialty! LOve ya soooo much mom 

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