Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 3, 2014

Its Elder Barton coming at ya live from th brazilian depths of south america!!!!
This week was sooooo awesome it was unbelieveable how much cool stuff happened!!
The First thing we got to do in the week was go PROSELYTE!! And talk to REAL people!! It was soo sweet! It was a crazy experience from the moment I stepped on that bus... We went as a district down to downtown Sao Paulo with our teacher Irmao Tavereis. We had to walk a little bit out of the CtM to get to this bus stop and waited for a little bit to get picked up, there are SO many buses that come through at the stop!! Its insane haha and they come in HOT i feel like im going to get ran over just standing on the sidewalk... Once we got on, it was seriously crammed with like 50 people and so we had to stand up and hold on to these tiny little straps on the ceiling. The Driver seriously thought he was some street racer or something cause he was going like 60 miles an hour on these tiny little two lane roads that barely even could fit a prius not even kidding... Haha and he was constantly cutting people off and litereally like drifting around corners haha I think we almost got in a deadly crash at least 5 times and all of us were trying to hold on and kept falling over and stuff it was so funny haha and awesome! Then once we got to this huge park bus stop thing, we started proselyting! There were sooo many people and each missionary had two books of mormon that they had to give out. It was sooo Awesome actually! Elder Shapiro and I had some really good discusssions with people in very broken portuguese. We gave them all out and it was unbelieveable how open the brazilian people are to our message. They are so humble, its so so cool... With our first person, it was going super well and I had just barely handed him my book of mormon and bore my testimony when all the sudden some homeless guy came up behind us and started freaking out saying a bunch of stuff I couldn't understand! He took our other books of mormons out of our hands and he was like super upset about something. He tried stealing both of our nametags and seemed like he did not like missionaries at all. He grabbed mine, and started to hit me in the head with it (not too hard) and saying stuff under his breath. We were getting way freaked out and just started to walk away and then out of no were Irmao Tavereis saved our lives haha he started pushing back the man and telling him to leave us alone, and also the guy that we were talking to did the same.. It was pretty scary, Im not going to lie... But I know Heavenly Father looks out hor his missionaries because Irmao Taveries was there right when he needed to be. We said a prayer after words and then felt so guided and comforted afterwards. Satan was definatley trying to scare us from serving a mission... But I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me. We gave away all our Books of Mormon and it was such an awesome experience!!! We also got to watch some super good devotionals from the provo MTC (of course right after I leave haha) by David A Bednar and Dallin H Oaks... They were SO good I wish i could have been there to see them live but its all  good we still got to watch on TV it was amazing!!!
      I have been feeling the spirit so strongly here, I absoultley LOVE serving a mission! We had an opportunuty to watch a clip that the church has put out for Christmas this year... It is SO good!! If you all havent seen it yet, I really encourage you to watch it!!! Its called "He is the Gift". It really made me realize how much Jesus Christ has done for us, and how Christmas is truly about the savior. I know he loves us all so much, and we can be filled with his love if we make an effort to put him first. Share this video with EVERYONE its sooo good, and just a quick little video thats on You tube! Thank you all so much for your support and love... I love it out here!
Elder Barton


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