Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Whats up peeps!!!
Another sweet week here in Brazil!!! This week wasn't as exciting as the last, with all of the crazy bus stories and a man trying to take my nametag... But still a really good week! It's wierd down here it feels like summer but everyone is putting up Christmas decorations. We have been having some really good devotionals and stuff about Christmas so it still feels like the Christmas season even though its super hot which is awesome!! I have never felt the true meaning of Christmas this much before, It's so cool just being able to focus on what really matters!! Elder Shapiro and my lessons have been going really well because of it, we can both feel the love of Christ so much so it makes it a lot easier to prepeare lessons and teach! We had TRC this week which is teaching members of the church and our lessons went really well! We taught about recieving revelation through the Book of Mormon and Church attendance. Our lessons are all video taped too haha so its pretty cool cause we can watch them after and see ourselves in ACTION haha it makes me feel like my portuguese is pretty bad though too haha cause I sound like such a gringo when I watch them. But Its really cool to see how much progress we have made since the beginning! I was looking through my notebook the other day and found the very fist lesson that I ever prepeared, and it was a littlle script that was like 5 minutes long and not very good haha. Now, we are able to teach lessons without a script for like 30 minutes its so cool! I have learned so much  more portuguese here in  6 weeks than I did spanish for 4 years in highschool! Its crazy how much you can learn when you have to! Also both of our pretend investigators are going really well! I especially love Paulo, he is sucha faithful guy! Everything we challenge him to do, he is always so pumped about it and never has a problem! He is such a stud and its so cool to see his progesssion! The very first lesson he didn't even know how to pray, and now he is quoting scripture from the book of mormon and is so faithful! Its awesome! Missionarywork is so energizing, especially when you feel like your making progress! And this is with a pretend investigator so I cant even imagine what it will feel like to see someone progress in the gospel for real! Im so excited, I cant believe I only have one more week in the CTM, I am freaking out!! I enter the field next tuesday... I dont feel like I am ready at all, but at the same time I know Heavenly Father is always looking out for me! Thank you guys all so much for your support, I couldn't do it with out all your encouraging emails and snacks that you send haha! I love you all so much and Ill talk to ya next week!!
Elder Barton

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