Monday, December 22, 2014


View from my room in the CTM 7th floor suite

Brazillian roomates haha they were so awesome

Elder Shapiro and I (CTM comp) at the Sao Paulo Temple

My district in the CTM at the Sao Paulo Temple

#Artsy  Sao Paulo Temple!!!

my other teacher Irma Taveres (gabriel) 

Last day in the CTM with my teacher Irma Jaques 9also paulo
my pretend investigator ha ha)

where we had the christmas party

saying goodbye to Elder Shapiro and Elder Uchytil hopefully
i'm companions with them in my mission! (from my district in provo and CTM)

IN the streeeeeeets! Notice the fire on the sidewalk in the background...

Elder Almeida... It's POURING here right now!  I'll send more pics later...

Whaaaaats up everybody!!!! This is Elder Barton IN THE STREETS OF BRAZIL FINALLY!! No more MTC training wheels... This is the real deal now... Gosh i dont even know where i should start because sooo much has happened within the last time I emailed!! It has been so crazy haha, I was officially "in the field" last thursday... I got to the mission home on Tuesday morning, met my mission president (hes SUPER awesome) and we did a training thing all day.. They took us out to this resturant and I ran into JAMAS WIEBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha it was soooo sick!!! I walked in, and saw him looking all stylish and mingling with some other missionaries haha I freaked out and ran over to him and we talked for like 20 minutes!!! It was so awesome, hes suha stud! It was way cool to see someone i know in BRAZIL! I was hoping I would see him one day, cause he only has a little bit of time left, and I saw him my FIRST day!!! Then Wednesday we had a huge Christmas party with our whole mission! It was soo awesome we went to this area called Cotia in our mission to this huge private park thing, and this area is like a straight jungle!! It was soo awesome there were soo many trees and wierd plants haha! We were allowed to just hangout prettyuy much the whole dy and we played volleyball, football and I watched all thge brazilians play soccer haha it was so intense I would have gotten destroyed if I tried to play, It was like in this giant cage and there were a bunch of people surrounding the cage climbing on top screaming and stuff it was so gnarley haha, we're not allowed to play sports in our mission, so they were all stoked because president said they could that day... Then we had a few meetings and stuff ate dinner and then i met my TRAINER! Hes a super cool guy, hes a native Brazilian and doesnt speak any english hardly at all haha... His name is Elder Almeida, he is super cool and funny, It was really really tough the first couple days because I couldnt talk with him at all and was getting super bummed... But I realized i need to just ask him what a word meant whenever I didnt know, and that has really been helping cause I just write it down and stuydy it later. I have learned soo much within this little bit. Its been awesome! I am in a super cool area also... The town is called Osasco, and our area is Jardim Conceição. Its sooo sick haha it is literally the Favela Map on call of duty for all you gamers out there... There are soo many crazy shacks stacked on top of eachother and super steep hills with stray dogs ALL OVER THE PLACE! There are seriously soo many is ridiculous, and there all super gross haha. Its way cool though because there are soo many people that just walk around or sit in front of their house so its easy to get new contacts... The people down here are so open, they almost always say yes when we ask to come by there house and share our message. But,  alot of the times they flake out and arent there haha... But we have a pretty good teaching pool going! Elder Almeida is a super hard worker and is super obedient so it really is cool cause we get alot done! I cant really talk much in lessons, Its kind of frustraiting i usually just bare my testimony about certain things, or sometimes explain something. But its all good! I am getting better and better each day, and I know It will come if i just work hard! The best day by far this week was Saturday. One of Elder Almeidas investigators from before i got there got BAPTIZED! It was sucha cool experience... It really got me pumped for this work because the spirit was soo strong seeing Elder Ameida baptize him. And the members down here are so supportive also, they were all so welcoming to him and excited for him! The church is growing so much down here its so cool because theres so many new members! It was a really neat experience seeing that, and the guy Alexandre was sucha cool guy, he had so much faith and was so excited!! Then on Sunday, church was awesome also!!! Alexandre recieved the holy ghost and I was able to be apart of it, it was awesome. I also bore my trstimony in sacrament haha and the microphone wasnt working so I had to like scream out to the congreation haha it was pretty funny. This last week has been tought, but so much more awesome than tough... I have prayed harder than I ever have because I have been so frustrated some days... But I have been so blessed and I know Heavenly Father will help me learn this languague!! I hope you all have an awesome Christmas, and I love you all so much and thanks so much for everyones support! I love my mission!!! 
Elder Barton

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