Wednesday, November 26, 2014

PDAY First Week in Brazil!!

Whatttttss up everybody!!!
    This is Elder Barton and i am sitting in BRAZIL!!!!!! For those of you that haven't heard, I got my visa super quick so now im in the Brazil CTM and i will be here for the next three and a half weeeks!!! It is soooo crazy down here holy cow!! No one in this whole building ever speaks english haha its ridiculous!! I have learned soo much here already and I have only been here for one week!!!! We are allowed to go out on the streets on p day and walk around with in certain boundaries! So we just barely finished walking aorund and its absolutley INSANE! Haha this city is soo intense, I have never seen so many people in one place, and the cars on the road go sooo fast haha the intersections are like five different streets at once coming from all diferrent directions with like no stop lights haha, its so scary to cross the streeet! We probably like like such noobs because I was with my district and were all justa bunch of white guys all huddled up on the side of the road all scared to cross the street haha and theres a bunch of brazilian kids that just walk right past us and cross the streeet all gracefully... I feel like such an idiot haha...
    But this place is super awesome, it is WAY different than provo MTC thats for sure, theres soo much submerssion with the language and the food is crazy differernt, i've already eaten quail and i think goat one of the days just in the CTM. Pretty crazy haha! The CTM is a huge like scy scraper in the middle of Sao Paulo, its so sweet. We have such a sick view out of our room its awesome!! Our room is on the sixth floor, and were not allowed to use the elevators here so im gettuing super jacked calves which is nice... NBD. haha also i had a pizza party today thanks to SISTER BERTHA!!! That was soo awesome thank you soo much haha my disctrict was soo stoked! We went to the Sao Paulo temple this morning, which was super super awesome! Its soo pretty! First time doing a session in portuguese, so that was pretty sweet! It takes like an hour and a half to get there, and then we also go to the Campinas temple on some P days also... Both of my teachers dont speak any english, so its been really cool how much I have learned! We did an english fast one of the days, so we could only speak in portuguese for the whole day... If anyone spoke in english they had to do 10 push-ups per word... I was pretty sore the next day. haha. But I was actually surprised how much I was able to communicate with out using english, it was pretty cool! I was so tired after the fist couple days i got here, that plane ride was pretty intense and it was tough to get used to the culture and everything, I was having a tough time. But I have noticed that the more obedient I am to the rules, and the harder i work, the less home sick I am. I truly have gained a testimony of obedience being on a mission, it helps so much to just follow every single rule, because Heavenly Father truly does bless you for it and you have the spirit with you constantly. A saying that I heard that really applies to this is Obedience brings blessings, and Exact obedience birngs miracles... Pretty cool!
    There is so much that has happened since I was able to email you guys last, its so hard to put it on this email haha! But everything is going awesome here, i am working so hard I love it. I have two investigators (my teachers) and the lessons have been going really well! Elder Shapiro and I haven't been bringing any notes and just relying on the spirit to help us with our portuguese and it has really been cool! It's crazy how real the gift of toungues is, sometimes I just start saying things that I dont even know were theyre coming from. Its incredible... But we commited one of our investigators Gabriel to baptism! So thats pretty sweet! Its been awesome, i am starting to get more comfortable with teaching and I think we get to go on the streets and talk to REAL investigators tomorrow! Super excited and nervous haha its going to be crazy!! Ok I have to go, they give us barely any time here and we can't send pictures but everything is awesome here in BRAZIL! The thing I have learned most on my mission so far, is just how to have a natural love for people in general, especially when teaching people. Jesus Christ was the expert at this, whenever he taught, people felt the pure love from our heavenly father. Im going to try my best to have that with me as I teach, because Heavenly Father loves us all so much and I think sometimes i forget that! IF you guys can, try to watch the mormon message video called Earthy father, Heavenly father. And I promise  you will feel the love that God has for us! Love You all so so Much!!!

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