Tuesday, November 11, 2014


    This is Elder Barton reporting live from the Provo MTC!!! I want to start off by saying how much I LOVE this place... I have felt the spirit so strong every day since i have been here. I was pretty nervous riding on the plane down here, I didn't know what to think and I was pretty scared and emotional. But as soon as i stepped foot in the MTC everything changed, I felt the spirit instantly hit me. We started off with an awesome devotional and met all of our MTC presidency and companions. I get along super well with my companion, he is an awesome kid. His name is Elder Johns and he is such a little stud. The first day was also pretty funny because we had to wear little orange dots on our name tags and people could spot us from a mile away and they would yell "Welcome to the MTC elders!!!!" haha we felt like such noobs but also so comforted and supported at the same time... We have been studying portuguese for like 8-10 hours each day its crazy, but my language teacher is such a STUD! His name is Brother Gabriel and he is such a cool guy, I have already learned so much its awesome.. I know how to say a prayer in portuguese and bear testimony NBD... haha, but seriously this place is amazing, they provide is with so many resources to help us learn its awesome. 

   Elder Johns and I have our first investigator!!! (she is a pretend investigator but she only speaks portuguese and acts like a non member so that we can teach her) We have had three lessons with her already, her name is Isabel. Even though she is a pretend investigator, the spirit is always so strong when we teach her. Especially last lesson, Elder Johns and I taught her about the Apostasy and Restoration of the church through Joseph Smith, as I was speaking with her, my tongue felt loosed, and we were actually able to understand what she was saying! We testified that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if its true and we also invited her to be baptized! She said yes to both and the spirit was so strong. We teach her again tomorrow and are so excited, hopefully it goes as well as last lesson haha. Sunday was also an awesome day, it was such a spiritual FEAST! Like were talking a thanksgiving feast!! Haha, we had an awesome devotional by Elder Condie who was a former member of the seventy, and he spoke about the Holy Ghost, and really emphasized that it is the Holy Ghost that does the teaching, not us. We need to always strive to have it with us as missionaries. A quote that he said from Gordon B. Hinkley that I really liked is "The Holy Ghost is the testifier of all truth, who can teach men what other men cannot teach one another." That is so true, just as i mentioned earlier about our lesson with Isabel... It went well because the holy ghost did the talking... Not elder johns and I, and that is the true power of conversion for ourselves and investigators. We watched a video of David A. Bednars talk called "Character of Christ" he gave it in the MTC a couple years ago... You should all look this up if you haven't heard it because it is seriously life changing.
    I also have the best district ever!!! We are like all best friends already and have such good relationships, its awesome. Last night we had a testimony meeting that came out of nowhere while we were studying... We went around the room sharing conversion stories and why we are on a mission. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life. Some of the Elders stories in my district are unbelievable. It was so awesome, we were all bawling by the end of it and had a huge group hug haha... I love my mission so much already, and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a representative of Jesus Christ and carry the holy ghost with me for these next two years... I love you all so much and thanks so much for all your support!!!



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