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elder barton email & photos 10 // 1-19-15

​figured out they have snickers, twix, and milkyway here.... I should be alright haha... 

 you would love it mom, i think of ya when i get this!! sooo good

Whats up whats up everybody!!!!
Elder B here in the streets of Osasco! This week was super awesome!!!! I cannot believe that I am already in the last week of my first transfer on the mission! That went by soo fast! I'm hoping I stay with Elder Almeida, he is super awesome and I learn so much from him! Its cool too cause he is the district leader which means I get to go on exchanges with a lot of other elders and learn a bunch on how different people teach and do things! (technically that makes me the senior companion too, NBD) haha but i still have no idea what I'm doing haha... I get to carry the keys and cellphone, but every time it rings I just hand it to Elder Almeida cause talking on the phone is so scary in Portuguese haha! But we have been soo blessed these past couple weeks... The lest active members who we visit alot (Maria and her son Thomas) are now active and coming to church every Sunday!!! It is so cool, they are so excited and really getting back into it! She called us and asked us to come over to help her to pay her tithing! And she has been giving us so many referrals to its awesome! Truly a miracle! She brought three girls to church and they are all sisters... Their names are Irenilde, Irenice and Nice (neecy)... They have such an unbelievable story... Their mom was killed when they were little by their dad... And one of the girls actually watched it happen. So so sad.... Irenilde (the oldest one who's 29) takes care of the other two (16 and 13 years old) and she works everyday to provide for them!! They are so so awesome, it has been such a miracle that we have been able to be teaching them. They are so ready for this gospel and need it in their lives. The first time we taught them they were super super timid and hardly wanted to talk, but they all payed close attention. We invited them to be baptized on the 31st of January and they all said yes. We have taught them three more times since then and they open up to us more and more each time we teach them. It is so coo  cause i feel them starting to put their trust in the Lord more and more as they come to church and have a desire to learn. They are all SO nice and they look out for each other it is so cool, they are such a special family. We taught them the Plan of Salvation last lesson, and they really liked it. This obviously was a huge principle we were excited to share with them because of their situation. At the very end, i shared the Hymn "families can be together forever" with them (singing it of course) and bore my testimony to them that they can all live with each other for eternity after this life. Just kidding i dint sing it by the way haha i just read the lyrics... But that was sucha powerful moment, I felt the spirit so strongly, and the pure love that Heavenly Father has for them. I know that he has been preparing them for this exact moment to hear our message. They have gone through so much, and I feel like they are starting to recognize the love heavenly father has for them and that it will be okay! So cool, Elder ALmeida and I feel so blessed being able to teach them... It has been a huge blessing for sure! 
President Del Guerso and Sister Del Guerso also spoke in our ward yesterday which was sweet! They gave amazing talks!!! Sister Del Guerso said something that i especially liked! She talked about a talk from Dieter F Uchtdorf that talks about receiving blessings is like an umbrella. When we have sins, distractions, pride and other things that drive the spirit away, we have an open umbrella... And the blessings that Heavenly Father wants to shower upon us we cant receive because of these things are in our way (like an open umbrella) But we need to have a closed umbrella and make sure that we are constantly trying to grow and improve so that we can have the spirit more fully with us, and receive more blessings! It is so true, and I want to try to always be improving. I'm so grateful for the atonement of Christ that allows us to do just that. To constantly be improving and being forgiven of the things we messed up on! I love serving the Lord, this has been sucha blessing already and I am so happy. I miss all of you guys like crazy, but this is what I need to be doing right now and I wouldn't change it for the world! Couldn't thanks you guys all enough for the support. I love you all so much and think of you all everyday! 
Elder Barton

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