Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Elder Barton's Email // 2-16-15

Whaaaaaats up whaats up everybody!

   This week was awesome as always! Loving it down here... this week was a pretty regular week, Elder Almeida has been sick most of the week, so is been a little harder to work... But hes been a champ and has tried his hardest to stay motivated! The Lord definitely helped him out! 

   I went on an exchange this week with our Zone Leader Elder Jacobson, and it was super fun haha! He is an American from Georgia, and is a super cool guy! Haha one of the lessons we taught was super funny because it was with a super nice old lady, and we walked into her house and there were dolls EVERYWHERE!! Like her house was COVERED! haha it was a little scary im not going to lie, I felt like they were all going to come alive and attack us! We  were ready to defend... But Elder Jacobson managed to  snap a picture when she went to the bathroom haha... She was a super nice lady! Later that night with Elder Jacobson, we went to Irenildes house (the sister of Nice and Iranice, who's waiting to be baptized) and we did an baptismal interview with her... she ended up deciding that she still wants to wait a little longer, she i completely ready to be baptized but she is having a tough time cause she doesn't think she can forgive her father for what he did to the mother.. So sad, we have been sharing many sciptures with her about putting our trust in the lord, and forgiveness. We testified to her that receiving the holy ghost and being baptized will help her with these problems... and are trying to be there for her the best we can. It was cool also, last night Elder Almedia were at her house talking about it, and I had an impression to ask her if she wants a priesthood blessing. We told her a little bit about what a blessing is and are going to give her a blessing tonight. So cool, it is sucha blessing and privilege that we have the restored priesthood on the earth today. I had the privilege to sit in on Elder Almeidas patriarchal blessing this week also, and was soo cool, it was so awesome hearing Heavenly Father speak through the patriarch in a different language! It made me realize that it truly is the priesthood of God, and it is the same priesthood everywhere... I am so grateful for that!
this week was a great week, and I love you all so much!! thanks for everything!

Elder Barton

                                            photos of the rain storm last week!!!!

                                                     dining with Guinea Pigs
                                        Exchanges with Elder Jacobson - crazy doll lady
                                                   first vision in the sacred grove
                                               Fresh BUZZ cut!
                                          Letters from the family back home!!!

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