Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekly Email// First Transfer DOWN!

Opa Boa Tarde Gente!!
First transfer DOWN! Man, that went by pretty dang fast looking back, and I'm coming up on three months being on the mish too which is crazy! But this week was such an awesome way to end the transfer!!
First thing I wanna talk about is the training for all the new missionaries that we had on Wednesday. It was in the chapel right next to the São Paulo temple and was super cool! It was with the assistants and President Del Guerso and we were taught a bunch of stuff on how we can teach better and be overall better missionaries it was super helpful! I also got to see all my friends from the MTC which was awesome! And then after the taining, we went to MCDONALDS!!! It was soo good to get some good wholesome American fast food back in the system... haha there's a bunch of McDonald's that I found out about in São Paulo and one right by the temple!!! I know where I will be going with the Americans after the temple from now on... haha but its super expensive here so probably wont go too much haha... Then after that, we went to the Deseret Book store and they sell DR PEPPER!!!! Holy cow I was soo stoked!!! They don't have Dr Pepper here, so I was in American paradise!! So sweet! But later that night I ate chicken feet in a members house and realized I'm in Brazil... Haha aw man, eating chicken feet was so weird but actually pretty good!
     Then yesterday was such a good day!!! It was the baptism of our investigators Nice and Irenice!! Irenilde (the oldest one) ended up deciding that she wants to wait a couple weeks until the 14th of February to be completely feel completely ready.. Shes so awesome, she feels like she has to completely perfect before being baptized... We met with her several times just talking to her about how she doesn't need to be perfect, but I'm so proud of her for waiting and making sure its something she really wants to do! And after seeing her sisters get baptized yesterday I think she really felt the spirit and is excited for hers! I had the opportunity to baptize Nice (neecy) who is 16 and it was such an awesome experience... All the members did such an awesome job welcoming them into the ward and it was soo cool to see the young woman welcome them in also! I am so happy to be on my mission right now, and I know that this is truly the lords work... I am so happy to be seeing these miracles take place every day and am so grateful! I love you guys all so much, and think about you all everyday! This church is true!!

Elder Barton

PHOTOS:   We did some work for some members in the favelas... just to give ya a feel how it looks!  The roofs are just sheet metal and the walls are pieces of like plywood haha it's crazy!!  We helped them put in the concrete with cinderblocks (where the rebar is coming out of the ground).

On the way to the service project with members last week... "king of Sao Paulo?"

They have a super good drink called Caldo de Cana.  It is sugar cane plant and they put it in this grinder thing and comes right out as juice!!!  It is so good!

Repine the Brazil flag in da streetz

Elder Almeida burning his tie inside our apartment...(half way done)

Family Night last week with the whole crew!!! (members)
Family night last week with Irenilde (on left with blue shirt) Irenice (middle) and Nice (on right) girl with hands on my Shoulders is Maria de Lourdes, she calls herself my black mom  ha ha

I baptized Nice and Elder Almeida baptized Irenice... SO COOL!

The CREW... 

Left to right...(Maria de Lourdes...who introduced us to the girls and is now reactivated), Irenice 13 yrs., Irenilde 29, Nice 16, AND brown trout (not looking at the camera... haha)

With our WARD Mission Leader Robson!  He is such an awesome GUY!  He is so funny ha ha you guys would LOVE him!

Nice and I... 

Super Gnarly rain this morning!!!  all the water was going up on the sidewalks and making a huge mud river going down our apartment complex ha ha!!!  This was taken from our apartment window.

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