Monday, March 9, 2015

Adventures in Brasil / Email 3-09-15

YO whats up everyone in the Northern Continent!!

This week was killer, It has been raining pretty hardcore down here its nuts! But the week was super fun and good!!! I had my last training for the new missionaries this week! That's right, moving up in the ranks!!! Haha, I cant believe that my second transfer is already coming to an end! This is probably going to be my last week with Elder Almeida!! :( Cant believe how fast that flew...

After the training we had this week, I had a super cool and scary experience! I got paired up with Elder Rasmussen as my temporary companion to go to the training, and we both have the same amount of time on our missions. He is an American, so after the meeting we had to take the bus back to my area to meet up with Elder Almeida and Elder Rasmussen's companion. Taking the Onibus in general is a pretty gnarly experience just cause its so crazy and packed with people, and even more crazy when you get LOST!
So we were waiting for the onibus to come, to take the one to Jardim Conceição... I saw once coming and it said Jardim C on the front, so i flagged it down and when we got on, just to double check I asked if it was going to Jardim CONCEIÇÃO and he said yes. So we sat down casually and sooner than later it started looking really unfamiliar where we were going... We where headed to like downtown São Paulo towards these huge skyscrapers!! I got up and asked the worker again, and he said that it was going to Jardim CITY! haha so we got off the bus as fast as we could and where in an area we had never been, with two NOOBS learning how to speak Portuguese... I was terrified at first. Had absolutley no idea where I was and was paired with Elder Rasmussen who really struggles with Portuguese. We were walking around trying to get a sense of where we were, and decided to say a quick prayer. We asked Heavenly Father that we would be able to speak and understand people and find our way back in safety... After we did that, I felt confident... and I started talking to people on the road and asking how to get to our destination... We figured out we first need to go to the train station (that shows you how far we were from home) and then take a bus to get back... After talking with many people in broken Portuguese, we made it to the station. When we got on the train, there happened to be a member of the church on the train who came up to us... We told him our situation and he gave us instructions on where to find the bus when we got off the train... He was a super nice guy, and totally lifted are spirits and helped us out. I am positive that he was an answer to our prayers... I know that we there is now way we would have been able to get back without the help of the Lord.... I have really gained a testimony of prayer on my mission... Heavenly Father placed that man in our path because he knew we needed him. And I am so grateful for that experience! It was definitely terrifying in the beginning... But I am so grateful for that experience which I had! 

It was a great week, and I'm excited for another one to come! Love you guys all so much!! Have an awesome week!

Elder Bbbbbb

​Also did an exchange with Elder Morgan this week, super fun haha! 
We ordered ourselves a nice pizza after and had our American drinks!!!! It was awesome!

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