Monday, March 23, 2015

New Companion & FOOD // 3-23-15

Hey y'all!!!! 

My new companion is from Texas so I just felt like i should throw in a y'all if ya know what I mean...

haha, this week was awesome!! Like I said, my new companion is a STUD from Dallas, Texas... His name is Elder Gschwend, haha the Brazilians cannot say his name at all its so funny!! But ya he is a super awesome guy!!! He is a super hard worker and a really good teacher! I am learning a lot from him already, on how I can be a better missionary! Super stoked! Its also super nice to have an American companion to be able to just ask him questions whenever I don't understand something! But, I really do miss Elder Almeida also! It was super cool last Monday night we went to a bunch of members homes so Elder Almeida could say bye! Everyone loves Elder Almeida, he even made a few members cry haha... The biggest thing I learned from Elder Almeida i think was to just enjoy the work... He never complained about being a missionary, not even once. He was always just so stoked to be serving even in the hardest of times! He was truly a great trainer and I'm so grateful for him!!! Its so weird to think that I'm already done with my first 2 transfers, cant believe how fast that flew by and i already have a new companion!

   It has been a little tough with our investigators lately... We have a ton of awesome people that we are teaching, but alot of unfortunate things have been happening with them.. Kind of hard because we really feel like they are progressing but then they don't go to church or don't keep commitments... I know that it is all in the Lords time and he knows whats best for them! Just need to be patient, because its not up to me!! I'm grateful for that, and the things I have been learning from these tough times! Elder Gschwend is definitely helping me to realize that also with his awesome attitude! I am truly feeling blessed, I love serving here in this area. The members here are such awesome people and I am really becoming good friends with them!! Starting to feel better with my Portuguese also which is way cool!!! I know it is all because of Heavenly Father that i have these things, and I will always be so grateful for this gospel and the blessings which I receive from it!! Love you guys all so so much and hope you are all doing good!! Until next week friends!!

Elder Barton
                                random photo I found from a long time ago from an exchange 
                                 with Elder Caviler (was my zone leader and is now AP) he's a STUD!

​Elder Silva Costa sleeping in chapel after district meeting haha SNORING SO LOUD!

lunch that my companion PREPARED soo good!

Elder GSCHWEND and I!!!

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