Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lovin Brazil // Email 3-15-15

YO yo yo! 

This is Elder Barton live in the streets of São Paulo kickin it old school...
     Pretty dope week as always down here in the south!
   Haha, this week though was seriously the bees knees!!!! I am officially through my second transfer!! Sooo weird how fast time flies on the mission! Figured out that Elder Almeida is being transferred to a new area... :( Pretty bummed that my father will be leaving me but its all good! He was an awesome trainer... Such a stud. He leaves tomorrow and I will receive my new companion Elder Gschwend ( I have no idea how to spell it) and i don't know anything about him besides the fact that hes an AMERICAN!!! Haha, so that will be super cool... Everyone says he is really cool also so I'm excited!

    We had a member of the seventy visit our mission this week too which was super awesome!!! His name is Claudio M. Costa and is the Brasil area president (Brazilian) he gave a super awesome training and the spirit was super strong!!!! He is a super powerful guy and really just talked with us about our purpose as missionaries and went over  a lot of really good stuff from Preach my Gospel... Made me realize how blessed we are to have Preach My Gospel and all of the awesome tools to study and learn from! I also had a super cool experience in sacrament meeting yesterday... We had our Wards first Ward conference and it was suppper legit!! Our new bishop is such a stud, he is such a dedicated guy and is so excited to be our bishop and gave such an incredible talk about conversion... He talked about how conversion is one of the most important things for us as members of the church... We need to constantly work on our self-conversion and strive to become better and more spiritually fed each day! Super cool talk... And Elder Almeida and I had the opportunity to sing in the choir haha which was awesome! We sang Sisters in Zion and it was soo cool to sing it in Portuguese! I really felt the spirit so Strong and just sitting up on the pulpit was awesome looking at all the members in the congregation.. Seeing all the families happy and sitting together, and hearing our new bishops talk really made me realize how awesome these people are down here. They are practically all converts to the church and they have the strongest testimonies and are so happy. Its so cool, I love Brazilians they are such cool people.
    So stoked to be here in Brazil right now... I'm loving the people and all the awesome experiences that I am having. You all are seriously so awesome too, cant thank you guys enough for everything you are all doing to support me! Love You guys all so much!!! 

Elder Barton

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