Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Whats up whats up my mainnnn crewwwww!!!!!!!!

ohhhhh goshhh you guys are soo dang awesome haha that was SOO good to talk to YALL yesterday!!!

I cant believe we got to talk for so long, haha that was soo awesome! But it felt like 5 minutes at the same time haha!! I could have talked to you guys for the whole day!!! I am soo grateful for ya guys. It is truly such a blessing to have the family that we have... Our family is truly unique... I feel like you guys are all my best friends and a truly mean that! There's nothing else I would rather do than spend time with you guys and eat ourselves a chicken dinna! haha, but seriously my absolute favorite thing in the whole world is to just spend time with you guys... Whether its doing a tactical adventure, our just laying on the carpet in the front room talking! 

My biggest testimony of this gospel is the power of families, and that I will be able to live with you guys for EVER!!! and that just fills me with absolute joy, I am so grateful for this gospel in our lives, and for the decision Grandpa and Grandma made to be baptized. Because thanks to this wonderful gospel we all have the happiness and relationships that we do! I am so so happy to be a member of this church, and to have the opportunity to share this never ending happiness with others for these two years! Because that's what its all about, having an awesome family with the happiness that we have!! Haha, i totally lost it yesterday... Seeing all of you guys there on the computer screen rooting me on and feeling your love even through a computer screen millions of miles away! I cant thank each and every one of you enough for your AMAZING support and examples to me... You guys give me the strength and excitement to participate in this amazing work!! and I love you all SOOO much... Truly with all of my heart. Thanks for your amazing examples!!! I hope you all have an awesome week!!!! Get yoself a CHICKEN DINNA and have a TACTICAL WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love your favorite furry friend,

Elder (tactical insertion) Barton

                                                         6 month PIZZA

                                               pics of the NEW AREA!!! tactial jungle....

Trekin to dat teachin appt yo


6 MONTH TIE BURNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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