Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5-26-15 Email

Elder Barton didn't have time to write a formal email about the week... I did get a few replies from emails that I had sent last week and I copied and pasted them here.  Thank You to all of you who emailed him birthday emails!  He LOVED them!  -darci

My b-day was awesome momma!!! thanks sooo much! i haven't gotten anything yet... :( but its all good! it was super awesome my zone threw a huge party for me in district meeting on Tuesday!! had food, signs and the whole deal!! It was AWESOME!!! My zone leader is gonna send me some pics cause i didn't have my camera! It was a complete surprise!! super awesome! ill send ya the pics once i get em :) we also had a little party with the other elders in our house at night!! ordered a few pizzas :) ya know, the USUAL!!!
BUT gosh sorry i didn't have time to respond to the girls or dad, ryan, gramps and grams and a lot of others!!! haha! and don't worry about the package!!! it will come!!! my bday was AWESOME! i felt your guys love all the way from there! haha man sorry i had like no time today.. this week was crazy! Until next week when i have more time haha! be sure to tell the girls and everyone that i LOVED there emails and am sorry i dint have time to answer!! haha crazy crazy! but love ya sooo much and have an awesome week mom! gotta go! thanks for all the pics and everything! hope ya know how much i loveee ya!!! 

elder b
                                                                 Gecko in da houseee

São Paulo $3LFI3
São Paulo thuggin

fREE birds

The crew from our house


​SOLID lunch today

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