Monday, May 4, 2015


Whats uppp whats up everybody!! Big b reporting live from my new area in the FARM LANDSSSS! Live in Cotia!!!! Man, this area is sooo different than my last area holy cow!!! Its like in the middle of no where here... There are sooo many trees and jungle everywhere its soo legit!!! I feel like i am in a whole other country again haha because i don't know where anything is and its super different! Especially cause i am opening the area with Elder Cabral.... 

We both got here the same day after the area had been closed for about a month... Sisters used to be serving in our area, so our house is superrrr sick haha!! Its soo big compared to my last apartment holy cow!! We got to our new house and there were all these little pink welcome signs and decorations of all kind that they left haha... SISTERS pshhhh.... we need to man up the place a little bit... But my new companion is super cool, Elder Cabral. He is a Brazilian from Recife. He is the district leader and has almost the exact same amount of time on the mission as me!! He hit is 6 month mark this last week... Super crazy! Two noobs as companions opening the area!! haha, it has been pretty tough this week just trying to find people to teach and getting to know the area... But super awesome at the same time! We found a couple families to start teaching which we are super excited about!!! We just have to work super hard these first couple weeks to get the area going again! Gonna be sweet!

Oh my gosh and the best part of this week was by far on Friday.... When Elder D TODD CHRISTOFFERSON spoke to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy cowwww soooo sweet!!! That was such an awesome experience to hear him speak... He was also accompanied by Elder Mazzagardi who is from the area presidency of Brazil! SO sick!! Got to shake their hands in the beginning, and then they both spoke to us. In the beginning of Elder Christofferson's talk he just did a Question and Answer session for all the missionaries and then talked about our purpose as missionaries and used some really cool scriptures and thoughts to explain... I forgot my notes at home that i took from his talk, but One part that really stuck out to me was when he bore his testimony at the end... He said "I want you guys to remember me say this, that I am someone who knows for absolute certain that God and his Son Jesus Christ live. This is not something i believe,but know for absolute certain." When he said that, the spirit was soo strong, and i truly realized the power of this man, that he is truly an apostle of Jesus Christ and a special witness of his life... It was so cool to hear that and feel the spirit he carried as a true apostle of Jesus Christ... It was an awesome experience! Soo grateful i had that opportunity... And for all the awesome experiences i continue to have on my mission. I cant thank you all enough for your support. I am so grateful for you all! And especially my AWESOME MOM DARCI who i get to Skype this Sunday!!!!!!!!! sooo stoked! thanks so much everyone and have an awesome week!!!

Elder Barton
​goodbyes from Jardim Conceição :(

Leondro and his wife Jeane! They are soo awesome!

Grande Iranice and Nice!!!!!

Leondro and his wife Jeane! 
Chicken torta that the greatLeaondro prepared

Maria and Marcos!!!! Marcos is the blind man that i told the story about when we ate luch at his house and he cryed during the prayer... sucha stud 

Goodbye Selfie with Rafeal and Cleber!!

This family is awesome!!!! Eliane (far right) is the sister of Edinilsa (Clebers girlfriend, they are nonmembers) With Elianes kids Rafeal and Lysa. And the older woman on the far left is Joana (Eliane and Edinilsas mom) with ana Beatriz who is Cleber and Ednilisas daughter... hope that made sense haha

Ana Beatriz!!!!

Raimunda!!!! she is the best cook ever!!! Very first lunch in the mission was at her house! She is AWESOME!!

João and Luzia and the fam!!!! He is in the bishoprick... such an awesome family

President Ceilo!!!! (was the branch president before it turned into a ward)


The WELCOMING into our humble abode


FOUND ELDER JOHNS my comp from the MTC!!!! he is here!!!!!!!!!!!! so stoked!!!

MIDNIGHT SNACK with elder Cabral

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