Monday, April 27, 2015


yOOOOOO whats up whats up everybody!!! I cant believe it, but the transfer has passed, and Elder Barton is OUT! I'm headed to Cotia... Which I'm super stoked about! I have heard that Cotia is an awesome area, and will be awesome!!! Its more of a rural area that has a bunch of trees everywhere and farms so its gonna be lagittttt!!!!! Super close to my area Osasco right now also, so it will be awesome! I leave Jardim Conceição.... My humble place of birth in the mission field tomorrow morning!

Crazy how hard it is to say goodbye to everyone here... I will miss this ward and area so much!!!! I truly have learned so much here, and have made so many friends!!! Said bye to a few families last night after church, and it was tough!!! Especially  with Irenilde, Iranice and Nice.... Irenilde still  hasn't been baptized.... But i know she will, when the time is right. It was super cool, after i said bye to her at church she called me on the phone about an hour later and just expressed her gratitude and said bye again... I truly will miss them so much. They are such a special family and such grateful, humble people. SO grateful for the opportunity i have had to teach and get to know  them! They said they are going to come visit me in Cotia also which will be awesome!!! Last night we had a another super cool experience... We received a referral from some other missionaries that contacted a woman on the street who has been inactive in the church with her husband for about 20 years. They have a 9 year old daughter (who is SO cute reminds me of maci and demi) and they want to start going to church again and baptize their daughter. We contaced them last night and it was the coolest experience ever... It was so clear to see that this is the right time for them to come back... and heavenly father has been preparing them to come back to the church... They are SUCH a cool family!!! We talked to them for about half an hour and i felt like i was best friends with them just after that short period... Bummed to be leaving cause that will be an awesome experience for Elder Gschwend to teach the little daughter and help them return to the church!! I took a picture with them that i will attach... Such a cool experience. 

This first area has been so so great.. and I am so grateful for all of the things I learned here.... Its crazy to look back at my first day here, when i couldn't understand anything and was super scared haha... I still don't speak great, but i have grown my testimony so much here, and i know without a doubt  i have improved as a missionary. So grateful, and look forward to my next area to learn even more!!! My new comp will be a Brazilian i think... His name is Elder Cabral and he will be the district leader (all of my comps have been DL so far haha) Super stoked!!!!! Will miss Elder Gschwend also, he has been an awesome comp and we have had so many awesome times together!!! Found out too this week that he used to have suuuuper long hair and used Horse Shampoo to maintain his frothy locks... Whatta boss.

Until next week from a foreign land!!!!!!

Elder Barton
                                                       Tchau tchau Elder G

ENGLISH CR3W with Elder Fernandes #biceps
                                                          gonna miss this kid!

farewell to the chapel


The awesome family we found! Joyce and Cleiton and their daughter

One of my favorite families in the ward Robson (my ward mission leader) with his wife and kids and his sister with her husband! They are soo funny and awesome

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