Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekly Email 4/13/15

YO yo whats up everybody!!!
need to start off with a shout out.... to my sister HANNAH BARTON WHO JUST GRADUATED FROM BYU IDAHO THIS WEEK!!!!! adda girl congrats flower pedal!!!!!! 

This week flewww by!! Its crazy how fast the time is going by so far! But this week was a really good week as always!! First need to start off with awesome news... ELDER D. TODD CHRISTOFFERSON IS COMING TO BRAZIL ON MAY 1ST TO SPEAK TO OUR MISSION!!!!!!! Sooooo stoked oh my gosh!!! He will be speaking in the CTM and our mission was the only mission invited in São Paulo!!! sooo excited it will be soooo cool and such a an awesome opportunity!! I think Elder Claudio M. Costa of the seventy put in a good word for us when he visited our mission a little bit ago and that's why we got chosen ;) haha so excited!!

Other than that awesome news, this week was a pretty solid week! I want to share an experience we had with a less active member this week... It really was a humbling experience. His name is Marcos and he is an old blind man that lives with his wife Maria, just the two of them... We have been visiting them for a while now (i think i may have mentioned him in one of my earlier letters) but i just have always loved this couple... they are such awesome people! It was especially neat this week because they signed up to feed us lunch which has never happened! Maria (Marcos's wife) works every other day to support for them and help take care of Marcos, so it was so nicve of them to sign up because she always has so much going on!!! She made the best lunch i think i have had on my mission so far... She loaded up a big Ole plate with beans, rice, super good meat with potatoes and super good salad. With farofa and pimenta to douse all over the food, haha soo good! But it was super cool when she got it all set up for us irmão Marcos said that he wanted to pray... He began to pray and it was the most heartfelt, incredible prayer i have ever heard... The spirit was so strong... He started to weep, thanking his father in heaven for the meal and for irmã Maria, and all the things he has been blessed with. 

It made me realize even more how much a special man he is! He has so many trials with health, not being able to see, and so many other things that he could choose to complain about. But he doesn't, he is the most humble, and grateful man I have ever met... And truly made me realize how much i have, and that i need to always be grateful for the small things in life that I have! All of the Brazilians are like this, they are such humble and grateful people when a lot of them have so little... So grateful for these people and for the many things I have been blessed with, so grateful for the opportunity i had to grow up in this gospel, and for absolutely amazing family that i have and the opportunity to have to live with them forever! So grateful for all my awesome friends also and great examples and leaders!! thank you guys all so much for everything! This church is true and we have a living prophet today who guides and directs us! Hope you guys all have an awesome week!

Elder Barton

pic is for Uncle Kris.... could you please send that to him?? he wrote me in the christmas package about garoto chocolate and i found it... its soooo good!!!

1 year celelbration!!!!! (the day we did the bbq wasnt the actual day of his one year mark so we did another little mini party on the actual day)

Amazing shake elder G whipped up for the crew

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