Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Email!!!!! (corn husk) 4-6-15

Hey everybody!!!!!!

Feliz Páscoa por todos!!!!!!!!! As we say down hurrrrr..... haha, this week was supeeeer awesome and an awesome general conference!!! It was crazy down here this week for Easter!! Everyone  parties  like crazy and there were crosses all over the place in the favela  on Friday with fake people hanging on the cross! super crazy!

But I am truly so grateful for the general conference we had... I think it was the first time in my life that I actually payed full attention during all of the talks and learned SO much!! I'm kinda bummed that I never payed as much of attention as I should have during conference before my mission because it is truly such a blessing we have  to hear from these amazing men!!!

On of my favorite talks was given by Micheal T. Ringwood of the  seventy... He gave such an awesome  talk about how we need to be more humble, and true disciples of Christ. He talked about the example of Alma's son, Shiblon in the Book of Mormon, and about how he always did what was right;... He is not very well known for courageous miracles or  powerful experiences... but he always held true to his faith no matter what and always strived to please his father and heaven, not others... This is something I really want to work on... sometimes as a missionary its easy to get caught up in wanting a title.. "district leader" "zone Leader" "AP" to say to others that you served in that position and things like that... And  wont lie  I have thought  about that... that would be cool to tell my family  that I am an assistant to the president... But that is not what this work is about... I want to try harder to just become a better disciple of  Christ, and to always seek to please HIM and not worry about  what others think...  I thought his talk was super awesome and applicable to being a missionary! There are many other talks I want to  talk  about, but will keep it short  and SWEET! haha, Elder  Ringwood then close with a quote that I really like he  said " All I really want in my  life is  to please my father, both earthy and heavenly and  to be more like shiblon"  I thought that was super cool... I know i can definantly improve on my humility... And am so excited to  start this new week remembering the awesome words of encouragement we all just received from living prophets!! So grateful for  this gospel, and i know that we have the  true restored  church of  Jesus Christ with a true living  prophet of God who guides each and every one of  us! Love you guys all so much and have an awesome week!!!!!

Elda bbbbbb
​conference with the americans ELDER SHAPIRO WAS THERE!!! (comp in CTM)

​RECIEVED DELICOUS TREATS from our relief society president and ward mission leader robson last night!!!!
PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!! lovvvved it!!!!!!

We did a fat churrasco (bbq) in a members house
  to  celebrate Elder Da Silva (live in the same apartment as him) year mark!!! sooo good
                  Elder Fernandes (comp. of elder da silva. waiting for his visa to africa) killing it on the rice


 me with Elder da Silva and Gschwend killin it on dat grillllll

                                             MORE CHURRASCO round 2 with chicken

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