Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Email // 3-31-15

AYY everybody!!!!!

Super good week this last week, we got our pday switched to Tuesday this week because we got to go to the TEMPLE today!!! Super awesome!!

So this week was a little bit of a slower week.... Unfortunately big Elder Gschwend got sick real bad this week and was throwing up a ton!!! Poor guy! But his all good now and we are ready to rock and roll this week! I talked about how i am learning to be patient in my last few emails... we have soo many people who are so close to baptism and it is soo tough because there are just tiny things holding them back... But I just have to remember that its all in the lords hands and will all be okay!!! Plus we found tons of new people last week to teach which was such a blessing... We are looking forward to start teaching all of them more! 

Its so crazy down here, one of the biggest things that holds people back from getting baptized is marriage! There are so many people down here that live together but aren't legally married so cant get baptized. One of our investigators is Cleber (i skyped in his house on Christmas, his sister in law is a member), he is such a stud... he has been going to church from over 2 years now and has lived with "fiance" for over 12 years now! We have really been working with him trying to help him get married so they can be baptized but now they are thinking about splitting up... So sad, we were at there house this week and they started fighting pretty intensely so we left! Really sad, they are such awesome people and it is so sad to see them splitting up after 12 years of being together! They have a little girl also,,, But i know it will all work out! Just trying my best to listen to the spirit and be patient and it will all be okay! Same thing with Irenilde, she is still having some difficulties and wants to wait... Working with her a lot also!

 I am learning soo much being a missionary its crazy... It truly is amazing what we can do with the help of Heavenly Father! I was able to somehow give a talk in Portuguese on Sunday in sacrament haha which I know was only because the Lord helped me out!! It was super scary at first haha but it ended up being a way cool experience!!! I am so grateful for these things that I am learning right now... I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable with everything each day... And I can't say enough how much love i feel from all of you guys!! I constantly get letters and AWESOME packages from my all of you guys and my awesome mom!!! Thanks guys for all that you do, I hope you guys all enjoy conference this week!! I'm so STOKED!!! 
have an awesome week!

Elder B sizzle Barton

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