Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Email 4/20/15

yOOOO!!! Big b reporting from the souuuuthh!

This week was the cats pajamas!!! Had some super cool experiences this week and an EPIC p day today with Elder Gschwend!

Today we went to 25 cinco de março, it was superrrr sweet! It was my second time going there, but this time was wayy better than the first because Elder G had been there a bunch before so he knows all the good stuff to do! It was Elder Almeidas first time last time so we got a little lost haha... But we went to the sickkkest tie shop ever! The whole place is just loaaaaded with ties! And they are all super cheap and super styyylish! haha it was awesome, and then we went to this famous sandwich place that's known for their mortadela sandwiches! Its like bologna but way better and it was soooo huge! dad, you would have loved it haha... But oh my gosh it was ammmazing! Our mission president told us to go there haha, it known for the best mortadela sandwhich in São Paulo! It was inside this huuuge market with all kinds of different fruits, foods, and crazy people screaming haha super awesome!

But this week i had a super awesome experience... I received the most profound answer to my prayers that i have ever received in my life... We were at Irenildes house, she has been having some real tough thing going on in her life, and some tough things happening with her little sisters Iranice and Nice as well. We have been trying to visit her a lot lately to try and help out... I had been praying for her a lot last week, just asking that she would be okay and that i would know how to best help her... We got there, and i wasn't quite feeling right, i didn't really know what to say or what to do.... I said a quick prayer in my heart that I would be able to know what to do, or that bishop would be able to help her through these struggles, because he has been working with her a little bit too and is a super awesome guy. Probably 30 seconds after i finished that prayer Irenilde's phone rang... It was Bishop Antonio, he said to her that he wanted to stop by and see how she was and was driving to her house and would be there in 5 minutes. My jaw dropped for a second, not knowing what to think... but i was slowly filled with peace and the spirit that i truly received an answer to my prayers... Bishop arrived, and said everything that needed to be said... being guided by the holy ghost. 

During that moment, I truly realized that He answers our prayers. I had received answers before, but this was the most profound that i have ever received for sure. It was such an incredible experience... If we pray specifically with faith he will answer. I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and for that awesome experience that i had which was a huge testimony builder for me! Irenilde also went to church again on Sunday after that, (it been a couple weeks since she hasn't gone) and that was truly a miracle! I'm going to continue to pray for her and her awesome family, and try my best to be patient with what Heavenly Father wants for them! This week was AWESOME! sorry this letter is a long one, but that was truly an incredible experience and i wanted to share it with ya guys! Cant believe that this is the last week of the transfer!!! I probably will be transferred to a new area but who knows! We will see!!! thanks so much to all of you guys for the support! Hope you all have an awesome week!!!

Elder Barton

Chimarrão with Elder da silva (mate) what kris and olin drank on their missions also! so good!

the hugeee market we were in!


famous mortadelo sandwhich

Returning from 25 cinco with GLORY on the Onibus

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