Tuesday, June 9, 2015

another transfer down - June 1st

Hey Everybody!!!!

Its been a little while since I have sent out a weekly email... Everything has been going awesome here! Busy!! 

Elder Cabral and I have been working hard to find new people to teach cause we've been having some tough times with investigators not keeping commitments and stuff... Its been pretty frustrating not gonna lie! But i am so grateful for the patience that I'm learning to have haha! 

We had some crazy experiences this last week including a fight with a large animal and a tree almost smashing us! haha. i will start with the tree.... So we were walking to lunch one day this week with Elder Soares and Elder S. Nacsimento (the other elders who we live with) on a road full of giant trees... We were all happy strolling along conversing as normal when all the sudden we heard this super loud cracking noise, we looked up and there was this FAT tree branch breaking off the tree right next to us! Elder S. Nascimento and I were the closest to the tree and it was SO close to hitting us!!! Especially Elder S. Nascimento! We literally had to sprint out of the way to avoid getting hit! It was insane!!!! It definitely would have badly hurt us if it landed on us! the thing was HUGE!! haha but thanks to our cat like reflexes and the Lords protection, no harm was done... That very same day, when we got back to our area after lunch the beast striked....

Elder Cabral and I went to visit a less active member named Rocky... We got to the front gate and he  told us to enter... Elder Cabral first, and I was behind. There was a pretty good sized dog laying in front of the front door, pretty calm just laying there doing nothing. AS soon as Elder Cabral set foot in the gate he striked!!!! He charged Elder Cabral and bit him right on the leg!!! It was insane! Rocky hit the dog and he ran away into the back. It happened so fast!! I was in shock haha... And so was Elder Cabral. It wasn't too serious, but he was bleeding a little bit so we had to go to the hospital and make sure he didn't need a vaccine or anything because there's a super dangerous disease that dogs have here called Raiva... But hes all good and still has his leg haha... It was a crazy experience!! I'm keeping my eye out for the dogs now on the street! Super insane, and action packed day that day! haha

But other than that, the week was super good! We found two awesome people Diva and Celha to start teaching and are looking forward to this week! Also had transfers, but nothing changed! Ill be here for another 6 weeks at least!! Until next time!

Elder Barton

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