Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly Update TRANSFERS 7/13/15

Hey Everybody!!!!!

We had transfers this week, I will be staying here in Granja Viana, Cotia... But my main man Elder Cabral was transferred to another area! He will be headed to one of the biggest Favelas in Brazil with Elder Uchytil from my district in the MTC!!! HE will kill it! My new companion will be Elder Inocencio who is a Brazilian from Rio Grande do Sul, Ill pick him up tomorrow!

But other than the new switch, this week was awesome!! We had an awesome opportunity to teach some new Investigators named Paulo and Marina. We met them on the street as couple weeks back and were super cool so we marked a visit with them for this Saturday because he was going to be out of town. We called him on Wednesday to help him remember (to see if they even remembered who we were) And he answered to the phone super excited and and said "yes I remember!!! and ill be waiting Saturday morning at 9:30!!" before we could even say anything about the visit we had marked with him haha! He is a stud! He is married to his wife Marina and super excited to learn about our church! We will be visiting them again this Saturday to teach the restoration... Super stoked they seem awesome!

Also had a cool experience with a member this week, we were walking to our lunch appointment passing the grocery store and I saw a woman who had a sack of potatoes that had ripped and spilled all over the floor when she was going to her car. I was amazed to see so many people walk past her and literally step over the potatoes as she struggled to gather the potatoes while holding her other groceries. Elder Cabral ran across the street to help her out and when I asked her if she needed help she looked up and it was a member from our ward! She said "YES!!" As she continued to struggle she told us that she was having a rough day and really need our help! It was a neat experience, because she was so grateful. It felt so good to be able to help her out, and he again came up to us on Sunday at church and said how she was so grateful that we were passing by and helped her when she was having such a tough day. I am so grateful for these little but powerful experiences I have as a missionary each day. It truly is such an awesome experience to be a missionary and be able to better recognize when people are in need of help. I know I have a purpose here in this area, and know that Heavenly Father is aware of everything and everything happens on his time! Grateful for all of the report I receive from each and every one of you each week! I I love my mission, and am stoked to stay in this area to learn more and more!! Have an awesome week full of miracles!!!

Èlder Barton

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