Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1000 CONTATOS E UM BATISMO!!! 1-11-16 & 1-4-16

Heeellllllooooo my friends!!!!!!!

Elder B coming at ya live! I wanted to tell yallll about how happy i am on my mission!!!!! This week was pretty suuuuuaveeee as we say down here.... haha in other words SOLID! 

Big president Del Guerso gave the whole mission a challenge to baptize 3 people this transfer and to do 1000 contacts during this transfer!!! We have been working super hard to do this so that we can find these 3 people whom the Lord has prepared for us! The person that we have who is closest to baptism is Irmã Fatima who is a sweet lil old lady that we are3 teaching and is truly loving church and everything that shes learning. We are preparing her for next Sunday and we also have some awesome people and families and I know that the Lord will bless us to help prepare them so that we can achieve this goal that President gave us. We are talking with everyone we see on the street and I know that we will find even more people!!! 

This week was pretty awesome, I am loving my son Elder Guimarães, he is super obedient and dedicated to be the best missionary he can be! I am learning a ton being able to train him and super grateful for his example! VAI RECIFE! Yasmin, a little girl in our ward was baptized this week and we had there was a huge party held for her on Saturday!! It was awesome haha we were able to bring a bunch of investigators too so it was perfect!! 

I LOVE THIS AREA AND LOVE MY MISSION!  I am grateful for everything that I learn on a daily basis. On Friday, had one of the coolest lessons on my mission with Elder Frost. We felt the spirit guiding us so strongly and were able to ask questions to the investigators Luzinete, Julia and João to figure out exactly what they were needing and what we needed to teach them. When we listen, pay attention and are humble, the Lord gives us exactly what we need to say. I know that is true and Iam so grateful that i don't have to rely on my own talents or skills to teach because it wouldn't be close to enough to what these people need. God knows what they need, and just uses us as instruments. 

I love ya all so much and thank you for the tremendous support which I feel from each and every one of you!! I'm sorry that sometimes i don't respond to your emails or letters because of the time, but just know that I read and love them soo much!!!

Elder Barton

D&C 100:4-6
 Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come untothis place; for thus it was expedient in me for the salvationof souls.
 Therefore, verily say unto you, lift up your voices untothis people; speak the thoughts that shall put into yourhearts, and you shall not be confounded before men;
 For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in thevery moment, what ye shall say.
                              Zone on New Year's EVE played"signs"

New Year's Eve Mattress Forts



Wild Horses eating Trash

A Syrian Investigator taught beau some tunes


PET Lizard...

Heeyyyyyy everybody!!!!!  1-4-16 (short but sweet and LOTS of photos!

This week would best be explained as RAIN, GUIMARÃES, and PEOPLE AT CHURCH!!!!!

I only have 5 minutes to write this email, but i will sum this week up with those 3 words!!!! i received my new comp/son#2 Elder guimarães from Recife Brazil this week who is a HUGE STUD and we got drenched by rain and were super super superrrrr blessed with 13 people that went to church on Sunday!!! It was truly incredible!!!! I have never seen so many investigators at church before and it was truly such a blessing!!! we are being so blessed with incredible families and people to teach!!! 

I love serving so much, and am sooo grateful to be here. I am so glad I am came on my mission and to be meeting such incredible people and have such incredible experiences! I know that Christ lives and that this church is true!! Love ya SOOOO MUCH!!!


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