Thursday, January 21, 2016

Weekly Email 1/18/16

Elder Barton sent his dad this story below... He didn't have time for a big email this week. Enjoy ;)

quick story for ya that was funny this week hahaha

So... we had two baptisms on Sunday and during the classes we went down to finish filling up the font because she was already half way full.... we proceded with the filling and everything was going well...... elder Nichols (another American now the comp. of elder frost) turned off the valve (so he thought) and we left to return to the classes. little did he know the valve was still partly open and was continuing to fill up. after about ten minutes we cam back down and the font was OVERFLOWING!!!!!! haha we took of the lid of the drain right away in a panic but wasn't draining!!!! we didn't know that you have to turn on a straw that sucks the water out so we all had squeegees trying to push the water back in the font that had overflowed hahaha in a dead panic because the classes were about to end and everyone would come down and see 4missionaries trying to push the water back in the flooded font haha!!! we finally got a member of the bishopric and he helped us turn on the straw and it all worked out! but man was that scary!! hahaha and funny!

I hope e ya know how much i loveee ya!!!!  Elder Barton 
the FLOODS! 

Two Baptisms last Sunday 1/17/16

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