Monday, September 19, 2016

"3" 9/19/2016


Man, this week was a pretty rewarding and awesome week!!! 

I feel like this week we were able to really have some great things happen! WE have been working like crazy and feeling a little bummed because not much has been happening. But this week we had some really great things happen and some awesome spiritual experience that really strengthened my testimony! I was able to do an exchange with my beloved son Elder Guimarães to do two baptism interviews and during one of them, I had a way cool experience. He was a Japanese man named Jerry, and it was way cool to see truly how ready this man was for baptism. He told me a little bit about his story and how he came to know the church. In another area outside of our zone, he has some great friends whom are members of the church. He has known them for quite a while but never went to church or sparked any interest, but one day, he just had a huge desire out of nowhere to read the book of Mormon. He requested one on the Internet and the missionaries started to visit him. My good Friends Elder Dhonal and Elder Alves were the ones who started to teach him (at his work in the other area) They showed him a video of Christ being baptized and in the part when the holy ghost descends upon Christ in the form a dove Jerry felt the biggest feeling of like heat and just a good feeling come upon him. He even told elder alves and elder dhonal to stop the video because he wanted to know exactly what he was feeling haha! It was way cool, his testimony definitely helped me to strengthen mine! I also met an incredible woman named Jucicleide that elder Guimarães is teaching who is a really special person with a strong desire to follow christ. It was cool to learn with my own son and see how he has progressed so much! He is training a freshhhh american named elder olmstead... haha my grandson! 

Also in our area, we found lots of awesome people this week and we are being able to work a little more effectively with the members getting some referrals and what not! We also stared working in a different area to mix thing up a little bit! We received a referral from an awesome family from Rio Grande do Sul (an awesome people that eats a lot of BBQ and drinks lots of chimarrão)  haha we visited there neighbor who is a little sweet old lady named Rení and just barely lost her husband less than 40 days ago! She is soo ready for the gospel! Poor little thing is so beat up, we just sat down and talked to her for a while and heard her out teaching a little bit about eternal life and eternal marriage. We watched a video with her called "expressions of love" that talks about eternal marriage. We testified that its not over, and that she can have this eternal marriage also if she does whats right here in the earth. The spirit was very strong, and she thanked us a ton for the visit, she is such a sweet little lady. I know shes ready. We also found lots of other awesome other people this week. Daniel and Sheila still aren't wanting to cooperate. haha but I am so glad to know that Heavenly Father is in charge. I love Him so much, and feel His presence so much in this work. I am grateful for everything that my mission is helping me to learn, and the experiences you have on a daily basis. I'm not gonna get too trunky here haha i don't even want to think that it's coming to an end so lets just wrap it up! I'm gonna keep giving it my all and I know Heavenly Father will take care of it all! I love you guys so much and thanks for your support! Have an awesome week!!!!!

Elder Barton

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