Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Olá meus amiginhos!!

This week was awesome because we were able to participate in a "helping hands" service project which was such a neat and humbling experience! Our whole zone went as well as some youth from each ward, and we went to a humble, small and run down center for people with disabilities and dang, was it an awesome experience!! We went and just hung out with the people there, playing with them, painting, talking, helping them eat, and helping the workers there clean the facility. 

Gosh they are such special and happy people oh man, by the time we left the facility, we knew the names of almost all the people haha! We were talking with the owner a little bit in a small group of missionaries and one missionary (elder M. Souza) asked her what she had learned most working at the center. What she responded was something that was way cool and I will never forget. She said "I learned most that when I'm here, I'm not helping them as much as they are helping me" talking about the people with disabilities. I know that's true, and I felt that so much there! They are such pure, and innocent happy people. I felt so helped by them and left that building thinking "Did I do anything to help these people?" I just felt like I had been helped, like my spirits were lifted. It was so cool, and at the end was one of the coolest parts, we went out into the parking lot, all of the volunteers with their yellow jerseys on and the owner and we all got in a circle and sung "I am a child of god" and said a prayer, as we sung, I looked at the owners face and I could see that she had been touched. We had various missionary opportunities and I know that the spirit was present! I feel grateful for these special people that Heavenly Father puts on the earth to help us and lift our spirits! 

Other than this awesome experience, the week was super good! We had an opportunity to do an exchange with some missionaries in our zone, translate for an American senior couple of missionaries that came to our ward yesterday, and some other tough things that happened with investigators becoming a little soft and what not but its all good! I am so grateful for the small opportunities that I have to serve each day and am trying my hardest to GIVE IT MY ALL here at the end!! I don't wanna think about it haha! 

Thanks for all the supportive emails!! I love you guys sooooo much!!!!!!


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