Thursday, October 15, 2015

HELLOOOOOO! weekly report "Dia das crianças" 10/14/15

Hey everybody!!!!!!

Sorry you guys didn't hear  from me last week, it was a holiday on Monday and so everything here was closed!!! We didn't have a chance to email thanks to the little children and their special day! haha just kidding! But it was Child's Day and like everything was closed and all the people were on the street partying haha! Brazilians look for any chance they can get to party! Its funny!

But this week was a pretty awesome week! We are truly being super blessed here in Barnonesa and finding lots of people to baptize! Its awesome, i am loving this area! Rafeala and Joana are soooo close to being baptize we just need to plan their wedding and everything and its gonna be awesome! We also found another young couple just like them who are super awesome! Their names are Raimundo and Andrea and they are just like Rafeal and Joana! They are wanting to get married also and change their lives. We taught them the Restoration and Raimundo said that he stayed up all night reading the restoration pamphlet that we left with him and reading in the bible about prophets and he said how it makes perfect sense that we need to have a prophet today also! They loved general conference and are super stoked! We will also baptize the daughter of a member of the ward this Saturday! Her name is Chayane, and she has been taught many times by missionaries and is always at church cause her mom and younger siblings are members. We started teaching her a couple weeks ago and she is stoked! 

I am truly beginning to see how the Lord is in control of everything and how he leads this work. We are just instruments in his hands and I'm so grateful to see the miracles that happen according to his will and our faith. 

I know this church is true and I am so grateful to be serving my mission! I love ya guys so much and thanks for all of your support!

Elder Barton

D&C 112:10   "Be thou humbleand the Lord thy God shall lead theeby the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers."

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