Monday, October 5, 2015


Olaaa todo mundo!

This week was a solid and uplifting week! Conference was soo awesome!! I loved it soo much! Its crazy as a missionary it like means so much more for me for some reason... Haha I loved it! got those 3 NEW APOSTLES!!!

Wanted to start off talking about an awesome experience we had this week. We have been working alot with a 14 year old kid named Gabriel here in this area... Even before I got here in Baronesa he was being taught... He has always wanted to be baptized super bad but his mom never let him. We started visiting him and his mom more and more, slowly gaining the confidence and friendship of his mom. She used to not even let the missionaries in her home but started to let us in and even made lunch for us a few times!! This last week Elder Ferreira and I made a goal to try and baptize him and get the signature from the Mom. We went there several times just sharing a simple message with her and allowing her to feel the spirit. Slowly she began to open more and more and on Wednesday she AGREED TO LET HIM BE BAPTIZED!!! it was soo awesome! She just said that she feels like its the right thing to do after so much time of waiting! We planned everything super quickly and he was baptized on Friday!!! It was such a blessing! It was amazing to see her heart softened and that she allowed him to be baptized!! She loved the baptism, but is still a little iffy about the church and not wanting to change her lifestyle that shes got goin... But I'm praying that her heart will continue to be softened and we will be able to teach her more!! 

I know that this was all done through faith, and the will of our Heavenly Father. I really liked the talk in Priesthood session by Neil L. Andersen that talked about faith. He talked about how faith is a choice, and how when we choose to exercise that faith in Jesus Christ we will be immensely blessed! I think a lot of the times I doubt things, I choose to not exercise my faith and to not believe. But truly when we just put our total and complete trust in him things WILL happen! Maybe not in the time we want sometimes... But everything WILL work out! If we can just try to be more humble and choose to have faith I know we will be blessed. "We don't have to know everything, but enough to continue on the road of discipleship" Like Elder Andersen said!

I am so grateful for that, to know that Heavenly Father loves me and just wants that I try my best and exercise faith in his son Jesus Christ. I know that this is true and I feel that love that God has for me. I felt it alot during conference as he communicated with us through his chosen servants here on the earth today. I'm so grateful to be a member of Christs church and to be here on my mission! Hope y'all have an awesome week and thanks so much for everything!!!

Stay tactical!!!

Elder Barton

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