Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekly Report BIG JAMES BALLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9-21-2015

Heyyyyy everybody!!!!

Hows everyone up there in civilization??! Haha, this week was super awesome... had some really cool stuff happen and Heavenly Father is truly blessing the tactical trio down here in Baronesa!!

We had our multi zone conference this week and it was super good to see all the ol pals on the mish! We also had some super awesome trainings given by our President and mission leaders INCLUDING my two homeboys elder hurd and Rodriguez!!! They gave a training and it was super super good! KILLED IT!
One of the days when they went to give the training (to the other half of the mission where our zone wasn't participating) I had the opportunity to take our man James to the temple and do baptisms!!!! Man, that was such a neat experience... It was his first time to the temple and he absolutely loved it!! He is so firm i the gospel already and is just absolutely loving it... After the temple haha, we went to the chapel next door where the zone conference was being held to eat lunch and have him meet President Del Guerso... As part of one of the trainings they did an activity where we shot 3 pointers, and James (being a BALLER) was invited by president to take some shots, and in front of everyone he DRAINED two perfect 3 pointers haha with soo much swaaaggg haha it was the sickest thing I've ever seen everyone was cheering so loud and soo stoked for him haha! It was the coolest thing ever hes such a stud...

Other than big James, wanted to talk about an awesome couple we found this week named Rafeal and Joana. They were a referral we received from a member of one of the wards in our stake and are such awesome people!! They are super young, 20 and 19 years old and moved here from the North East of Brazil from a place called Piaui. They are here looking to start a family and have God in their lives... They went to church yesterday and loved it!! We have taught them the Restoration and asked them if they have a desire to get married. They said YES and want our help to get married. We went over last night after church with the member who gave us the referral and he testified to them about how marriage is a blessing and a commandment of God. The member Roney had close to the same situation as them and so it was perfect how he helped them to realize how marriage will bless their lives. They agreed and Rafeal asked Joana to marry him in front of us haha it was so cool! Its so cool to see how much they love each other and want to start a family. We are going to go to the government place this eek to help them pick out a date to get married. SO stoked. They are seriously so awesome and we are so blessed to be teaching them! I know the gospel will bless their lives so much and will one day be sealed together forever in the Temple! 

I am feeling soo grateful to be here serving my mission and witness miracles each and every day. I know that Heavenly Father truly puts these people in need in our paths when we work our hardest to serve him. I am learning so much in the tactical trio with my comps elder Hurd and Rodrigues and am loving my mission and this area soo much! I'm so grateful for all you guys and your support! Hope ya know how much I love you all and thanks for everything!!! 

This church is true and Jesus Christ is the one who leads and directs it!


Elder Barton

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