Monday, October 5, 2015

MY FIRST BORN SON!!!!!!!!! 9/28/2015

Hello hello everyyyyboday! I am coming at you live with some great news to announce the birth of my first SON in the mission field!!! (i had Elder Viera also for about a week) but i am pleased to announce the birth of Elder Ferreira!!!!!!!!!

haha i don't actually have a son, don't worry but everyone on the mission calls the person that they train their son/daughter for those of you that don't know!! We received a call last Monday night saying that i would receive a new comp and train him on Tuesday! His name is Elder Ferriera and he is from Belém, Brazil! He is waiting on his visa to go to Orlando Florida and hasn't even gone to the MTC yet!! I had the opportunity to go to the temple with him also on Tuesday for him to receive his endowments! He is fresh of the vine haha! He is a stud, and I'm super stoked to be with him! It was hard to leave the tactical trio also, but I'm super stoked i have this opportunity to learn with Elder Ferreira! 

This week was a super awesome week, we cut our whole teaching pool in half because of the tactical trio split up (i took one half and Hurd and Rodriguez took the other) and its been going pretty well! One of our investigators João that we were teaching was baptized on Saturday by our bishop! And it was super super cool, a very spiritual service! I don't think I had ever mentioned him, but he is such a special man! He is an older guy, and was super catholic but really liked the messages we shared with him and joined the church! It was incredible to see the Lords hand work in his life because he was super addicted to smoking and coffee but was able to quit within a week!! We are also going to begin teaching his daughter and grand kids! Super stoked!!! He always says he wants to be the next bishop haha its so funny! He is a stud!!! Also Rafeal and Joana (the couple I mentioned last week) are progressing super well!! They went to church again and loved it and we will bring them to a family night with some members tonight also! They are super excited to get married and feel the spirit at church! I feel so blessed to be able to meet these people are in need of the Gospel. I can see more and more each day how everyone is need of the restored Gospel and truly how it blesses and changes lives. I know that this is the only church on the face of the earth that has the complete, and restored gospel with everything that Jesus Christ established in his church. I know that he is the head of this church and not any man. I am so grateful for that and am so happy to be serving my mission and sharing this good news with others, that that same church Christ established is here on the earth in these last days.

I am so excited for conference next week to hear the words of the living prophet and apostles! I'm so happy and grateful for all of you guys and the support you send each week! Hope y'all have an awesome week and until next time!!!


Elder Barton

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