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March 14th - 29th Elder Barton Emails

FELIZ PÁSCOA homies!!!!  3/29/16

Yoooooo whats up everybody!! Happy Easter to all of ya guys!!!!

What a pleasure it was to be serving as a representative of Jesus Christ during this special week and to have felt his presence so strongly. To feel that he LIVES!

It was a super awesome week to be able also to receive my NEW SON with open arms!!!!! O GRANDE ELDER DOS SANTOS!!!!!!!!!!!! Has BORN AND LIVES WITH DIGNITY!!!!!!!!
Haha this guys is such a stud!!!! He is from São Paulo and is here waiting on his visa headed to NEW YORK NEW YORK NORTH cough cough shout out to biggggggggggggg B the mission of my beloved BROTHER AND COMRADE!!! my second son that will be headed to New York New York North Mission!!! Soo sweet!!! He already lived in Provo for 5 years so he speaks English perfectly! haha he is a super funny kid and we get along super well. STOKED!!!

Its an incredible experience to train a missionary, it is truly one of my favorite things on the mission, to see these elders with such strong testimonies and desire to share the gospel!!! I learn so much each time each time I train, and am so grateful! Yesterday especially, we had an awesome day!!! 

We have been superrrr worried about Luis Carlos and his family... They have a ot of pretty serious problems and has been frustrating cause we really want to help them but they are being a little difficult haha! They have flaked out several times with going to church, family home evening and even President del Guerso! We invited President to teach them with us on Saturday night to be able to help them out a little bit and they weren't at home. We marked everything with them all set up perfectly to visit them at 7:30, and even confirmed with them a couple hours before. We met up with president at the chapel and went over to their place just to find an empty house! It was pretty frustrating, Alexandra has A LOT of problems with drinking and always goes to her friends house on Saturday night and drinks. She fell in the temptation again and went to her house. I was expected president to be a little frustrated maybe because his kids were in town and left just to visit this family with us. But he is the most incredible man ever, just gave us a pat on the back and said "Elder, I was a missionary. I know how it is. If everything worked out perfectly in life we all would just be too happy" haha then we said a prayer with him in his car and prayed for the well being of Luis Carlos and his family. Learned a lot in that moment. That sometimes it just doesn't work out. But we always need to just be grateful. Thank Heavenly Father for everything we have and try again. 

Yesterday, Alexandra invited us to visit her friend with her (the one who always drinks with her) we went there and left a message with her and her family. We were there with Luis Carlos and his family and the whole other family. There were probably about 15 people there, and we testified of the savior and how he can help us through whatever problem we face. The spirit was so strong, in the moment i felt that he LIVES. That this Easter, we celebrated a LIVING Christ not a crucified one. I am so grateful for that. Unfortunately this family lives in the other ward so sent their address to the other elders. I know that it will all work out. I am so grateful for my mission. I love it, I love the people, I love the gospel, I love Brazil, I love the Savior.

Hope you all have an awesome week! 

If you haven't had the chance yet, watch this video that the church sent out about the LIVING savior who loves each and every one of us! 


Elder Barton
                                                  Photos from Elder Dos Santos :) 


oLAAAAAAA my Friends!

Just received some sad news last night that my main man Elder Bartling will be heading out to another area on Tuesday!! he will be going to Munhoz Junior which is super close to where I was in Baronesa! I have done a bunch of exchanges there n stuff so I know he will love it! But I am bummed that he will be going... This guy is a stud!

I will be staying here for a little while longer and will receive another SON!!!! hahaha my lineage is getting stronggg! I don't know if he will be an American or Brazilian, but it would be pretty sweet to train an American!!! I'm stoked!

This week was super awesome, I was able to learn alot with good and bad experiences. We were able to help Heloisa to get baptized who I'm not sure if i talked about her yet, but she was the only person in her family who isn't a member and she is super awesome! she almost got baptized a little while back, but felt that she wasn't ready and wouldn't be doing it for herself. We started teaching her about 3 weeks back and she got super excited to prepare herself for baptism! She feels truly converted now, and knows why she was baptized. It was way cool to hear her bear her testimony about why she wanted to be baptized and was an awesome baptismal service! 

We also had a ward talent show this week on Friday night which was pretty epic!! Haha my comp SANG!!!!! This kid sings opera like a BOSS!!!!!! haahah he sang some song from le miserables that was EPIC!!! I took a bunch of pics and videos but unfortunately I baptized my camera with Heloisa yesterday hahahahaha i left it in my pocket during the baptism and am super bummed! I'm lettin it SIMMER in some rice so lets see if it will work again! I sure hope it does! I think that i will for sure be able to rescue my memory card at least! So sorry about that i am going to try to send pics ASAP! 

But other than that, the week was awesome. Luis Carlos and his family are having some pretty serious difficulties and we are praying and fasting that we will be able to help them! I know that it will work out. Last night we had a super cool experience with Mikealla (Luis carlos´s daughter) who expressed her desire to follow Christ and be baptized, but not knowing how to help her family and the problems they have. We invited her to keep being an example and to have corage to what she knows is right. She is awesome!

Grateful for the week that i had, and for the things I learn each and every day as a Representative of Jesus Christ and his church! Love you guys soo much and thanks for the support!!!

Elder Barton

Weekly REPORT 3/14/16

Helloooooo there everybody!!!

Last week threw out a small novel for y'all haha so Ill try to keep short and sweet this week!!

We were really to able to help Luis Carlos and his family get a lil more comfortable with the members of the ward and get to know the chapel and everything which was awesome! We had a super awesome activity on Tuesday that we organized NBD and played human battleship!!! 

haha it was epic we threw up a curtain and made two teams that threw water balloons on the other side to eliminate the people haha it was sick! In the end, a bunch of people ended up going INCLUDING LUIS CARLOS and his family and was perfect cause we did a lil tour of the chapel and introduced them to a bunch of members!!!! They loved it and all left a lil soggy from the water balloons with a smile on their face haha! We also did a FHE with them also on Friday night with a family in the ward who is perfect for them! they have almost the same amount of kids with all the same ages and stuff so it was soolllid!!!! We followed up with them on Saturday about church and everything was all set and ready to go...

On Sunday, we were all stoked waiting at the front door waiting to bring in the whole fam super stoked. Mikealla (the daughter) sent us a text saying that they would get there a little late, all good. 9:30 came around and they still hadn't gotten there, we began to get worried. A little bit later, we saw Luis Carlos and Mikealla enter the front gate. Alexandra ended up drinking a lot on Saturday night and got super sick and wasn't able  to get up and the kids also. We got super bummed and worried about how we are going to help her and why this happened. But then i remembered of the other two 4 people who went to church and two progressed towards baptism. Remembered that we need to be grateful for what Heavenly Father blesses us with. That Satan always tempts and always will tempt all of us. And sometimes we fall, but the important thing is that we get up and have the desire to change after. We ate lunch with them after church, and Alexandra woke up when we were almost leaving. We talked with her about the importance of repentance and being an example for others. We know that she will be able to conquer the addiction that she has. We are gonna invite  president Del Guerso to teach this family with us this  week to see if he can help this family out a little bit. I'm so grateful for them, and am grateful that Luis Carlos and Mikealla went and loved church. So grateful to be servant of the Lord and learn so much everyday. 

Love you guys all so much and have an awesome week!!!!!

Elder Barton

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