Monday, April 18, 2016


Heeeeeyyyy Yallllll

Another great week this week!!! Something pretty sweet that happened was that I got to go to a soccer museum with President Del Guerso haha!!! A little while back we had that 100 contact and 3 baptism challenge and this week he took all the people that did it to the museum haha it was soo sick!! We even ate a lil hot dog with president after ;) I learned a bunch about how soccer started and got to see a big soccer stadium in São Paulo! I took a bunch of pics that ill send to ya guys!! 

We were also able to help Erika and Emily this week to be baptized which was SOOO AWESOME!!!!! They are such incredible people holy cow! The baptismal service was soo special and super spiritual. Like I said last week, the member (Irmã Jo) who brought Erika to church is soo awesome! She helped us out so much this week, calling us seeing if there was anything that she could bring to the baptism to help or call Erika, send her a message or anything that she could do to help. We were really working as a team and it was awesome because Erika and Emily felt so special at their baptism! Irmã Jo gave a talk also at the baptism and it was super awesome, they were all crying a ton haha and it was awesome. So grateful for them. Erkia said that "this is only the beginning of my happiness" and she is just such an awesome lady after all that she has had to go through in her life!

We also were able to find some awesome other people, a family of less active and nonmembers that just showed up at church last Sunday! Rony, Ivonete, Daniel, Sandra, Antonio and Susana whom are such an awesome family! Ivonete (the mom) Daniel, and Susana arent members and the others are all members but have been inactive for quite some time. We visited them a bunch this week and are super excited to go back to church and to get baptized! Daniel especially is such an awesome kid, he doesn't have arms or legs because of an accident that he suffered and has such a sweet spirit. He is 13 years old and is just such a stud! He always has the biggest smile on his face and is always ready and eager to learn. We went there on Wednesday and he said the most special prayer, and stared crying during it. Not gonna lie, I shed a few tears also haha and it was just such an awesome lesson! This kid is such an awesome example, the whole family. Rony is the oldest brother and takes care of all the siblings because the Dad doesn't live with them, they have such an incredible story. Each and every day i feel more and more grateful for the blessings and family that I have. There are so many people in this world who have it so hard and are so happy. I realize that I need to be so much more grateful for all of the incredible blessings I have. That's something that my mission teaches me more and more each day. That we need to be grateful. Always. We always need to have a smile on our face and just be happy like Daniel is. I love how the gospel helps us to recognize these things and love how much I learn with these incredible people. 

I hope you guys all have an awesome week and know how much I love ya!!! 

Elder Barton                                                         

Sao Paulo Soccer Stadium

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