Monday, April 25, 2016

Faith & Photos 4/25/2016

We grow most when we are truly stretched beyond our abilities or understanding.  It is at that point that when we have to trust or believe in something that we can't control or don't have the ability to do on our own that we really understand faith.  That is a miracle.  We need to stretch ourselves to really grow  to really experience the meaning of faith.   I have this quote on my desk below and I always related it to work but it made me think about faith today.  "Unless you do something beyond what you have mastered you will never grow." - Ralph Waldo Emerson ( from, Chuck Dad Barton)
We just had transfers and I found out that I will be staying here with Elder dos Santos until he heads to New York  on May 30th. I will also pick up another new missionary tomorrow and we will be in a trio. I began to get super stressed that I will be training two missionaries at once...  but what you just said is so true. it is "beyond my understanding" this transfer. and i just have to trust that its all gonna work out and that i can in fact, do this!  (from, Elder Beau Barton)

Soccer Museum Photos

Pres. Del Guerso
Sao Paulo Soccer Stadium


Elder Barton Loving these Families!

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